Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility

Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility – Hello Everyone! Today my post is about how Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility. Cosmetics industry has got a number of ugly sides to it too. As we say that every coin has got two sides similar everything has got both it’s pros and cons. we know that cosmetics make us beautiful and all. They enhance our makeup but what about the bad sides of it. Of course we are aware of the reaction and allergies which can happen to your skin in case you are unlucky and your skin reacts. But what about some other bad effects? Are there any? Well, yes it is widely believed that cosmetics can cause infertility among women. At present time fertility has become one of the major issues among women. There are a number of reasons which lead to that. Be it our lifestyle, drinking habits, food habits, stress level or anything else. But recent studies have proved that cosmetics are also one of the major issues of female fertility. So, I thought of why not do some background study and come up with some more data about what specific items or ingredients in cosmetics causes fertility complications in women. Let’s see how Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility.

Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility

Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility

Nail Paints –

Nail Paints

Yes, I know we all love nail paints. I personally am a big fan of nail paints. I love how bright and chirpy do they look. But do you know chemicals like benezene and Toluene have a impact on the monthly cycles of females. Also, excessive usage of nail paints can also lead to miscarriage.

Hair Dyes –

hair dyes

You must check the ingredients list of hair dyes before buying. And it is always advisable to check the ingredients list and the expiry date before buying or using anything. Most of the hair dyes contain lead as a major ingredient. Leads affects on women’s fertility.

Miscellaneous Beauty Products –

Beauty Products

There are a number of common ingredients in miscellaneous beauty product. Chemicals like Formaldehyde is very common and you can see it in most of the beauty products. This is known to increase the risk of infertility and miscarriage among women.

Perfumes or Sprays –

Perfumes or Sprays

Some sprays or perfumes are known to contain Phthalates. This is another harmful chemicals. Note it down and make it a point to avoid suing such products which have these chemicals. sprays or perfumes is known to have an impact on the hormones and thus on the fertility of women.

Aromatic Chemicals –

creams and cosmetics

A number of creams and cosmetics are loaded with aromatic chemicals in order to make them smell great. But they are not good for your health and especially for the female reproductive system.

Thickeners –

When you are planning to conceive you have to avoid certain things. And some of the chemicals are on the top of the list. Thickeners are one of them. Thickeners are known to contain chemicals like Polyethylene Glycol which are not good for the ones who are planning for the new member in their family.

Preservatives –

Preservatives are known to be harmful not only for the expectant mothers but also normal people should also avoid the products which are highly content in preservatives.

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Emulsifiers –

I am sure most of us are aware of this. You must have read it some or the other time on one of your makeup products. So, what is it actually. These are small drops of oil in water or vice versa.

Artificial Colors –

Cosmetics with color pigments

These are mostly found in the color pigments and are very common these days. Use of artificial colors can cause skin cancer and the same will be passed on to your next ones too.

Behentrimonium Chloride –

This are mostly found in hair conditioners which are targeted to de-tangle our hairs. They have a serious effect on the tissues causing them to die and thus it can affect your off springs too.

So, this is how Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility. above I have described some of the major harmful agents which you need to avoid in the cosmetic industry. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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