Coloressence Blusher Review

Coloressence Blusher Raview

Hi friends…. 🙂 A woman looks her best when she blushes, then why not create artificially blushing cheeks with this new Blusher to get a truly feminine look. It gives a velvety and long lasting effect when applied. It is well tested to ensure that the ingredients used in the product are harmless and don’t absorb the natural radiance and moisture from the skin. Take a look for more 🙂

Coloressence Blusher Review

Today’s review is on the Coloressence Blusher in the shade Amber Peach SH-2.

Coloressence Blusher Review

Net Vol.  5 g For Rs. 220.00/-

Key Ingredients:  Natural incredients

Coloressence Blusher Review

Directions for use: 

  • Apply blusher brush to enhance cheek bones.

Shelf  Life: 36 moths

Coloressence Blusher Review

Color of product:  Peach

Smell : Very very Mild smell

What Product claims – Coloressence Blusher with satin smooth silky effect. It gives velvety cheeks to highlight the cheekbones.

Feel about Product –  Coloressence has evolved from the colorful essence of nature. Firstly I dont like the packaging of product. It has a screw cap-type packaging but its sturdy. Satin finish natural tone powder blusher from Coloressence gives velvety effects to highlight the cheek bones, giving longer lasting effects.  I applied it, and it does keep up to its name of ‘satin smooth’ its soo easy to apply and the brush does not need to add more blush on it after the first application. Once is enough. Very happy with it. Texture more like that of an eyeshadow. Decent pigmentation and staying power!  Worth the buy!

  • Claims are true
  • Stays 4-5 hr
  • Affordable
  • Easy to caryy
  • Gives velvety effect
  • Blend nicely
  • Perfect for day time

Bad about Product –

  • no ingredient list

Availability : Easy

Fashion And Beauty Rating : 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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