Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Review

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Review – Hi girls! I am here with Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Review. But first, let me know how all of you are doing? Monsoon is full on and you know about the famous, rather infamous ‘Mumbai Rain’. Constantly raining heavily here and sometimes it can be pretty boring and dull. So what can cheer you up? Right, a lipstick, bright lipstick to undo all the boredom and add some drama! And this Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick is exactly that, a bright pink lipstick that can lift your mood in no time!

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Review

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Review

Coloressence is the cosmetic brand of Naturessence. I love using Coloressence products, mainly because you can get good quality products without hurting the pocket. Few days ago, I had bought Coloressence Dual Phase Oil Free Make-up Remover and it was not bad at all. This Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick is enriched with the goodness of almond oil and Vitamin E. It is a 100% vegetarian product. According to Coloressence, this lip color is an unique combination of coriander and basil extract which nourishes, protects and moisturizes the lips. To know how it fared for me, let’s check my Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Review below.

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick shade

Price of Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick :

Rs.199/- for 4 gm

Direction for use : swipe on the lips

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick Key Ingredients : almond oil, vitamin E

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : bright pink

Smell : cheap cosmetic kind of smell

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick color

What Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick claims

A unique combination of coriander & basil extracts. This lip color nourishes, protects, moisturizes and is hypoallergenic. Voluminise the lips.

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick swatch

My experience with Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick comes in a matte black case. There is a see through band in the middle which lets you identify the shade. The shade name and number is written at the base. I love the packaging as its sturdy and travel friendly too.

Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick is lovely bright pink shade which I love to bits. It is a great shade for partywear. The lipstick basically enhances the look of the face. It suits all skin tone, but I guess fair skin tone would simply rock it. Its truly a beautiful shade. The lipstick has a cheap cosmetic kind of smell, which I don’t like at all. Thankfully the smell doesn’t stay for long!

The lipstick has normal texture, neither too dry, nor too creamy. Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick is decently pigmented, two coats show up the actual color. The lipstick imparts a semi matte finish. It doesn’t feel dry on lips initially, but after an hour or so, it does feel a bit drying. But it can be sorted with a swipe of your favorite lip balm 🙂

The lipstick stays on my lips for around 3-4 hours and can survive mini meals in between. After that, it starts to fade away. While fading away, Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick leaves behind a pink tint, which takes lots of effort to remove completely.

Overall, Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick is just okay type. The shade is amazing, without any doubt. But I don’t really like the feel of this lipstick on my lips. If you love bright lip colors, give this a try!

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Good about Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Awesome shade
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Pocket friendly
  • Decent staying power

Bad about Coloressence 40 Fuschia Lipstick

  • The smell is a turn off
  • Feels dry on lips after an hour of application
  • Leaves behind a pink tint which is tough to remove

Availability : easy

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 3/5

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  1. The shade is so pretty…. 🙂

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