Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review

Hey everyone, today my post is Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review. Primer is something which I was not really keen about using before, I always thought it is not a very important step of makeup. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer changed all my notions about using primers.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review

I was wrong as nothing can give a smooth and even base for foundations other than primers. Sometime back I was on hunt of a good primer, Colorbar being a brand I love, I did not hesitate before getting my first primer from the brand.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer tube

Price of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer : Rs. 825/- for 30 ml

Ingredients : Cyclopentasiloxane, DimethiconeCrosspolymer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Isododecane, Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate, Propylparaben.

Direction for use

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer directions

Shelf Life : 30 months

Color : Clear gel

Smell : No noticeable smell

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer nozzle

What Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Claims

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer claims

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer swatch

My Experience with Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

The packaging of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is really sleek, it comes in a thin transparent plastic tube which has a twist up silver reflective cap attached, and comes secured in a reflective cardboard box. Once you open the cap there is a nozzle inside to dispense required amount of product, without causing any product wastage.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer looks like a clear gel and has medium thick consistency, it is oil free and has no fragrance as well, as a result will work for most skin types. Once you start spreading it, the primer feels extremely smooth and has a slippery feel to it, like most silicone based primers have. I need less than a pea size amount every time, since it spreads easily and little goes a long way which justifies the high price. It is not a good idea to go overboard with this primer since then the foundation tends to slide on otherwise.

I like Colorbar Perfect Match Primer to apply 2-3 minutes before applying foundation and my skin feels smooth on application, it fills the large pores around my nose to an extent and not completely , it kind of blurs out the imperfections on face. My foundations or BB creams glide really smooth on it and last longer as well. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer controls the oiliness on my face and keeps my base looking matte for long which is a boon for me during summers, also it has never caused breakouts on my skin.

Since the primer is a silicone based it may not suit everyone especially to those who have sensitive skin type, so if you skin does not react well to silicons it is a good idea to skip this one. Also the price is relatively on the higher side for Colorbar but since it last for a long time it is worth a try.

Overall, Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is a silicone based oil free primer, which makes a smooth base before application of foundation and BB creams, making them last longer and looking fresh. If you skin is not allergic to silicons then it is a great primer to try.

Good about Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

  • Sleek, sturdy packaging
  • Very little amount is requited every time
  • Oil free and blends easily
  • Did not cause breakouts
  • Makes a smooth base for foundations
  • Keeps my makeup looking fresh for long duration
  • Controls oiliness

Bad about Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

  • Price is on the higher side
  • Does not minimize the look of open pores completely
  • It contains parabens
  • Since it is silicone base, it may not work for everyone

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

About Neeta

Neeta is a makeup enthusiast, earlier she was not very keen into beauty and makeup, but later has become immensely passionate about it as a result she loves to try out all the beauty products in the market , new launches specially excite her and she is eager to try them and give honest opinions to the readers.She loves to experiment with DIYs in her free time. Besides that reading, cooking and travelling are her favorite hobbies and loves to learn new things and apply it in daily lifestyle She has medium skin tone and combination skin type, along with wavy hair.


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