Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush. Liquid liners are seriously tempting, that glossy finish to the winged outer part it creates is just fabulous. I tried doing such looks with regular brushes provided in a liner bottle but they are either too small to hold or somehow not the best thing to get the desired look. On the other hand I always found these brushes from Colorbar Fabline very cute so tried my hands on the Eyeliner applicator.

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush Review

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush belongs to the range of eye makeup tools sold by Colorbar. There are many from Eye shadow to smudge brush to angular brushes and what not. Colorbar Fabline brushes can transform any fashioniasta look into a temptress by adding new dimension to her dramatic eye makeup looks from winged to cat to anything which can help one look gorgeous and fabulous every day. Let’s move onto my Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush Review to see how it fared for me.

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush pack

Price of Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush : Rs.250/-

Directions for use :

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush directions for use

Ingredients :Not mentioned

Shelf life : Till it breaks down

Color : White-Black Combo

Smell: None

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush wet and dry tip

What Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush claims

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush claims

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush look

My experience with Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush

Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush has an extremely lightweight white plastic body and a slanted neck which ends towards a pointed brush head. Colorbar brushes and makeup applicators are sold in convenient zip pouches which are sturdy, travel friendly and help in storage of the brushes in future.

A liner brush is essentially used to apply gel as well as liquid based liners. When this liner brush is dry it feels soft and not scratchy at all. One needs to dip the liner in the liner bottle and then directly apply it in a desired manner on the eyelids. Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush?picks good amount of liner at one go. I tap off the excess in the bottle itself and then use it for perfect application. Due to its slanted design and pointed head it makes application a lot simpler, creates fine lines and that too very close to the lash line.

Somehow as the end of the brush head is not tapered it does not give precise finish to the winged or extended part of the liner. One has to be very careful and put efforts to get the same. I think the professional liner brush from Colorbar might be more helpful than this one. Another con of this liner is that it does not work with gel liners. I tried working with this but its brush head is too soft to dig out a gel liner. After washing it several times I did not face any shedding which is quite impressive.

Overall Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush is just a beginners liner brush which simplifies liquid liner application but unfortunately it is not that good with gel liners plus the finishing touch it gives of any liquid liner is not precise enough.

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Good about Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable Beginners brush
  • Simplifies liquid liner application
  • Helps draw fine lines on the eye lids
  • Does not shed in first few washes
  • Soft brush hair
  • Easily available

Bad about?Colorbar Fabline Eyeliner Brush

  • End could have been tapered for more precise application
  • Does not easily impart perfect finish to any liner look
  • Does not work with gel liners

Availability: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5

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  1. just now, i have bough the Vega eye-liner brush…and that works fab…will try this next

  2. I have a eyeliner brush like this and it did not work well with gel eyeliners. Great review !

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