Coffee Curd Scrub DIY

Coffee Curd Scrub DIY is something I want to write about. To prepare my skin for weather change I have filled my kitchen with all the ingredients required for face packs to take care of my face during weather change. In monsoons, skin tends to get wet and then we get a lot of skin infections. Its always better to keep yourself ready for weather change.

Coffee Curd Scrub DIY

I m big fan of cold coffee and I always stock up Nescafe. But since the time I have tried chocolate facial, I was amazed with the results on my skin. And this is the DIY I was told by my parlor lady. The very first thing I did was to buy filter coffee and stocked it up for this season. Ya, you people guessed it right, this is a very simple and easy DIY with basic coffee and curd.

I tend to have dry skin so I prefer curd for my skin, which suits me a lot.

Ingredients for Coffee Curd Scrub for Skin

  • Curd
  • Coffee

Coffee Curd Scrub DIY

  Steps for preparing Coffee Curd Scrub

  •  Take two tablespoon of filter coffee in a bowl.
  •  Add one spoon of curd to it.
  • Mix well and see if there is a desired consistency to apply on skin
  • I gave you this measurements as I always put a face pack on neck along with face as we always tend to ignore the neck part, and then skin becomes glowing and neck is two shades darken then face.
  • You can also make this pack with more quantity and can be used on hands and body and even for back scrubbing.

Coffee Curd Scrub DIY

Coffee Curd Scrub DIY

Coffee Curd Scrub on face

How coffee scrub Works for Skin


  • Antioxidants : The benefits of coffee for skin, I have taken some help of internet, for this.
  • Anti inflammatory : It helps in avoiding premature graying of skin.  I am in mid 20’s but still I feel everyone should take of their skin as early as possible.
  • Reduces Cellulite : It helps in reducing those puffy eyes and inflammation associated with it. It will not cure those hereditary dark circles.
  • Exfoliation: Caffeine present in skin care products can dehydrate fatty cells which results in the water disappearing from the surface of your skin. This minimizes the appearance of cellulite, thus providing you with a smoother skin.
  • Fights free radicals : It helps in scrubbing of dry skin and makes it feel silky smooth. It is not harsh on skin and acts as a mild scrub enough to remove dead cells
  • Repairs UV Damage : Caffeine also repair the skin damage caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • Tightens Skin : It can tighten fine lines and smooth puffy skin.


  • Removes tan
  • Adds glow
  • Prevents scars
  • Pimple free skin
  • No fine lines

Hope you all enjoyed this easy DIY recipe. Please do try it ASAP and let me know in the comment box.

About Anju Malgaonkar

Anju is from Goa and is working as Analyst in Hyderabad. She has completed MBA in finance from ICFAI Business school, Pune. She loves writing, dancing, trekking and doing adventurous thing. She loves to see new places. She has passion for beauty and makeup. She keeps herself updated about latest fashion trends and implement them. She likes neon colour and keep experimenting with them all the time.


  1. easy n good DIY 🙂 i will it today only

  2. looks amazing..

  3. I love using coffee in face packs.. I wll try dis nxt time.. Thanks for sharing Anju 🙂

    • ya sure . do try it. It is similar to the coffee scrub provided in Shahnaz Hussain Chocolate facial kit. Effect is same 🙂

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