Closet Accessories Ideas

Hello ladies 🙂 Here I am back with yet another informative post – Closet Accessories Ideas. We often find articles discussing about wardrobe essentials. But apart from dresses, there are few other staple in every girl’s closet like jewelleries, scarves, hats, etc. Without these items, our closet looks incomplete. Doesn’t matter how many high end clothes you are wearing, your look can never be complete without these items. So yes, they are super important. But these?small tiny pieces often gets lost in our closet and we can’t find them especially when in hurry. So a proper storage is important. Closet accessories play a huge role here. They help us to store our important accessories in such a way so that we can find them anytime. Below I have given some cool Closet Accessories Ideas. Have a look at them!

Closet Accessories Ideas

Closet Accessories Ideas – Double Your Storage Space with Milk Crates

Everyone has tons of milk crates in their homes. Have you ever thought of using it as closet accessories? Just hang it on your closet and you can easily store your socks and belts and other such small stuff there.

Closet Accessories Ideas – Use S Hooks

This is a very normal thing. People buy lots of accessories like hat, jewellery, scarves and forget them. So, just hang it on your small tension rods and S hooks and you can pair them very easily.

Closet Accessories Ideas 2

Closet Accessories Ideas – Turn the Cooler Rack into Jewellery Stand

Have you ever thought of how you can use the cooler rack as closet accessories? Well, you can just use it to hang your earrings. This way they will be separated and you can easily wear them. And since these days we all have AC in our houses so this cooler rack can easily serve the purpose.

Closet Accessories Ideas – Use Paper Towel Holders and Magazines Boxes

You can use those paper towel holders as closet accessories. Just encircle your belts or bracelets around them. Also, in order to re-use those magazine boxes you can just keep your small clutches side by side.

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Closet Accessories Ideas – Magazine Rack in Winters

In winters we have loads of stuff and there is a huge space crunch to keep it. In those days take your magazine holder hang it behind the door and keep your winter socks, gloves and hats inside them.

Closet Accessories Ideas 1

Closet Accessories Ideas – Use Shoe Boxes

We all tend to throw away the shoe boxes and just flaunt our shoes. Well, here is your chance to use them as closet accessories. Use them as drawer dividers. You will not only find your drawer much neater but also with colorful drawer dividers it will look very chic.

Closet Accessories Ideas – Straighten a Hanger

I am sure no one would have ever thought of this. We all use hanger in typical traditional way. Just straighten the hanger once. You can now keep your scarves here. It will look very neat and colorful.

Closet Accessories Ideas – Use Cloth Pins for Dry Clothes

We generally use cloth pins to hang wet clothes. But if you are the one who have many trousers then use cloth pins on your wardrobe to separate them. Another cool?Closet Accessories Idea 🙂

Wardrobe Accessories Ideas

Closet Accessories Ideas – Use Shower Curtain Rings inside Closet

Yes, your shower curtain rings can work as a perfect belt handler and separator inside the closet.

Closet Accessories Ideas – Wire Hanger for Shoes

You can easily DIY them or buy them ready made. Hang your shoes on it and this will save you tons of floor space.

So, these were some of the Closet Accessories Ideas from my side. Let me know if you like them. Feel free to share your unique Closet Accessories Ideas with us 🙂

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