Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review

Hey everyone 🙂 Today my post is about Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review. I think all of you already seen its commercial advertisement on television where Clinic plus always shows Love bonding between mother and daughter which is really true in real life too. My mom always takes care of my hair like regular oiling with natural and herbal oil and she always prefer good shampoo for me but Now after my marriage I badly missed all that moments but Now I do same with my daughter’s hair. So its cycle continued with every generation. So lets check out how this Clinic Plus Vita Oil works for me.

Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review

I am not fan of clinic plus, but this oil looks promising so I thought lets try out this oil too. I have very thin and dry hair so products who claims for thick dry and all they attracts me instantly. Sakshi Tanwar endorsing this oil on television in role of mother. so lets know more about this Clinic Plus Vita Oil

Clinic Plus Vita Oil

Price of Clinic Plus Vita Oil : Rs.40/- for 150 ml

Direction for use : Just use like normal hair oil or massaged hair before 30 mins of shampooing

Ingredients : Clinic Plus Vita Oil ingredients

Color : Transparent like water

Smell : Purely perfumed smell

Shelf life : 18 months

Clinic Plus Vita Oil

What Clinic Plus Vita Oil Claims

Clinic Plus Vita Oil claim

Clinic Plus Vita Oil swatch

My experience with Clinic Plus Vita

This Clinic Plus Vita Oil comes in little transparent bottle with brown color flip flop cap. Packaging is very sturdy but I am still not comfortable to carry it in my travel bag due to its flip flap cap. Clinic Plus Vita Oil smells fully perfumed but I am not impressed it because of its smell this oil feels artificial hair oil not real one. so this is really disappointing thing with it. Consistency of Clinic Plus Vita Oil is super runny. Clinic Plus Vita Oil is mixture of lots oils, means its not only pure sweet almond oil.

This oil is super light hair oil. Its easily absorbed on hair scalp and even easily rinse too with shampoo just noticed one thing that use this Clinic Plus Vita Oil in less quantity otherwise this oil not removes from scalp in a one shampoo wash. I generally use this oil like serum, just few drops of Clinic Plus Vita Oil on my damp hair so when my hair get dry they looks little shiny as well as they looks so manageable. I have been using this Clinic Plus Vita Oil from last 2 weeks and still not noticed any dramatic changes in my hair. I really found this Clinic Plus Vita Oil is ok type nothing good property in it. May be because this Clinic Plus Vita Oil contains 60-70% mineral oil and hardly few percentage of almond oil.

Overall Clinic Plus Oil is just OK type or ordinary hair oil which did nothing for my hair. I don’t believe what its claims.

Good about Clinic Plus Oil

  • Affordable
  • Attractive packaging
  • Super light hair oil
  • Using it on damp hair it makes hair little shiny and manageable
  • Easily removes from scalp

Bad about Clinic Plus Oil

  • Perfumed smell
  • 60-70% mineral oil
  • It Not contain  fully almond oil or not even half almond oil
  • Claims are not true
  • OK type hair oil

Availability : Easily available

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 2 /5 ♄♄

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  1. Oh !! So i better skip this one. I use purest form of coconut hair oil.

  2. Thanks for the review kiran!

  3. i dont use oil which contain mineral oil m happy with my olive oil

  4. nothing lucrative..

  5. sindhura gurazada

    I use parachute coconut oil , the only oil i love till date

  6. Clinic plus shampoo gives me accute hairfall so i really dont think will try this ever 🙁

  7. Definitely a skip.. Thanks Kiran 🙂

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