How to Clean Your Vaginal Area

Hello Beauties! Women body parts are very sensitive. We girls always have an extra care feeling for those private parts. And do you know the cleaning of these parts is very important. It is very common to get infections in those parts. And very few doctors are proficient in treating those infections. So, why to complicate your life?? You can clean your private parts especially your vaginal area very easily. Its not that difficult. Let me give you some easy tips on How to Clean Your Vaginal Area.

How to Clean Your Vaginal Area

Regular Washing Routine

Wet a soft loofah or clean cloth with warm water and mild soap. Then apply very gently on the private parts and wash off with water. Make sure that you wash it completely. If some or the other soap particles are remained inside then you might feel irritation in your vagina. Also, avoid perfumed or flavored soaps as they can cause unwanted irritation. And it is best to Self-Clean your vagina. Also, always prefer to use warm water as it minimizes chances of any infections.

Clean Away All the Folds

We are referring to the folds around your clitoris area. You need to clean the folds with a simple wet cloth. Wipe your skin area with this. But make sure that you wash it very gently and not very roughly.

Wash Your Vaginal Opening

You need to wash your vaginal opening. Make sure that you wash it very gently. This is a very delicate portion girls. So make sure you don’t disrupt the tissues and all. Also, clean your bikini line too in the meanwhile.

Ways to Clean Your Vaginal Area

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Wash Your Perineum Area

Now, a major question arises of how to clean your perineum area. Perineum is the area between your vagina and anus. That is the major path of the infections. So, make sure you clean it quite effectively. And you have to clean it with a wet cloth.


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Anal Area Time

Now, you need to keep the wash cloth after cleaning both your vaginal and anus area. Make sure you clean them with warm water. This will minimize the chances of infection. And use cotton cloth. That will ease your washing process and soften your vagina in the long run.

Wash at least Once Every Day

You need to wash your vagina at least once every day. That is the minimum. Also, if you have sex then you need to wash immediately after that. This will prevent any kind of infections entering your vagina.

Easy ways to Clean Your Vaginal Area

Let me give you some extra tips to keep your vagina clean for a long run

  • You must wipe your vagina from front to back and not in opposite direction. This will prevent any unwanted bacteria and other external elements to enter your vagina.
  • Vagina is a very gentle area. So, you must stay very gentle and slowly.
  • Avoid suing any fashionable or flavored products on your vagina. This will expose your vagina to any foreign or external substances.
  • Also, if you feel or see any black or any foreign elements in your vagina then immediately consult a doctor.
  • Waxing or shaving inside your vaginal area is strictly prohibited.

These were some of the very basic steps which every woman should follow if she wants to keep her vagina clean. And one point all of us should understand is that just like you keep your face, hands and legs clean your vagina should be equally clean. It is nothing to hide for it is something which should be maintained and cleaned regularly.

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