Clean and Dry Intimate Wash Review

[kkstarratings]Hi ladies!!! Today I will be reviewing a good and easily available intimate wash. Remember their commercials on television, they are so embarrassing to watch. I believe that they could convey the same message even without those graphics. However those advertisements have a good side to them too and that is they made intimate wash a known concept to every woman. Earlier I guess only few knew that something like that exists on this planet and that too were the only ones which were prescribed by doctors.

Clean and Dry Intimate Wash Review Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

Price of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash 

Rs.100/- for 100 ml

Directions for using Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

Wash vaginal area with this wash twice a day.

Ingredients of Clean and Dry Intimate wash

Clean and Dry

Consistency of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash


Smell of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

Mild smell

Color of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

Colorless fluid

Shelf Life of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

3 years

Intimate Wash

What Clean and Dry Intimate Wash Claims

what Clean and Dry Intimate Wash claims

swatch of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

Feel about Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

There are a few myths associated with the use of intimate washes. While few women think soap is a good alternative of intimate wash because it cleanses well but the truth is that soaps contain strong detergent agents which disturb the ph balance of the vagina leading to itching and other problems.

Some women also think that intimate washes are to be used only during menstruation which is again not true because the hygiene of this area is highly important to avoid infections all round the year and not just during those few days of a month. Some women also feel that such washes are a requirement of only those who are facing problems or infections in that area. To this doctors have to say that if one does not have problems related to this area today then that does not mean that they are safe in this regard forever. Rather they should keep that area clean to avoid complications in the future and for that water is not enough.

This wash which is a clear and runny fluid comes in an easy to carry around plastic bottle. One bottle lasts for two months when used twice a day. All one has to do is wash the outer vaginal area with this once while taking bath and then in the evening or night. The inner region is to be washed solely with water. This not only cleans the area but keeps itching and discomfort at away. It gives confidence to women which many of them lack as they keep worrying if the stink is too strong. A little amount is required each time and it lathers too which gives a fresh feeling and protects the region in the long run.

However I have two complaints regarding this product. One is that they claim to lighten the vaginal area with this wash which is so stupid actually. How can a wash do such a thing? It is a humble request on behalf of all consumers to the company to stop fooling us. And the other is the cap of the bottle which makes it difficult to carry in bags and it is designed in a non spill and leakage proof manner.

Clean and dry also have vaginal cream and powder which might again go hand in hand with the wash in maintaining the hygiene of the area in a much better manner. Do let us know if you have used them .As for me I am looking for intimate wipes because on outings when we use public toilets it is not possible to use wash and water to remain fresh and clean all day long.

Good about Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

  • Keeps vaginal region fresh and clean
  • Protects against infections
  • Life saver at the time of periods
  • Best friend of stinking intimate region
  • Maintains PH balance
  • Causes no itching or discomfort
  • Affordable

Bad about Clean and Dry Intimate Wash

  • Cap is not leak proof
  • False skin lightening promises
  • Contains SLES and parabens

Availability:   Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5  ♥♥♥♥  

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  1. A product that provides lightening of intimate area. This is taking the craze of lighter skin to a totally different level. Why can’t they just stop it at cleansing 😐

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