How to choose Right Face Cream

Hello Girls 🙂 Sometime a choosing right face cream is a really tough job right but here in this post I will help you to choose right face cream for you. Choosing right face cream means you need lighten your face complexion plus sun protection and off course moisturazation for skin is must.So basically everyone looking for these basic things in their face cream and in Indian market there are a lot of products comes with these all claims. Its really difficult to choose a good face cream for you so here are some important tips to look to buy right face cream  So lets check out more to know how 🙂
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How to choose Right Face cream

Hydration :

Every Skin really needs proper hydration. If your skin getting proper hydration then of course skin looks glowing naturally and drinking a lot water can solve this problem but we all have super hectic days and sometime we missed to drinking that much of water so that time your face cream full fill that problem and that face cream provides a proper hydration to your skin and keeps that skin looking glowing for long last. So hydration is really important for any skin type. S Search for a cream that contains moisturising properties. Moisturiser helps retain water in your skin keeping it hydrated and smooth. Moisturisers also help in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. So make sure you don’t miss this important component.

Sunscreen :

Its a must thing for every girl. So Be it any season, we Indian women off course needs sunscreen to keep our skin safe from pollution and harmful UV rays. A high SPF sunscreen works best for all seasons. Rather than applying an extra sunscreen after your moisturizer, buy a skincare cream that has that sun protection factor too. its save your time and money too

Natural Ingredient :

In this world of chemical natural ingredients are Savior for sure so always look for natural ingredients in your face cream. Try to Give your skin complete care and protection by choosing a product which has natural ingredients to help you get that healthy glow. When choosing a skincare cream look for one which has honey and lemon extracts as it lightens your skin and keeps it fresh.

Brightens your complexion:

In India Bright complexion matters a lot so this quality in your cream adds little more points. Harmful sun rays often make the skin looking dull. To avoid that sunburn and skin pigmentation choose a product with skin lightening properties that will help your skin bring back the radiance.

Stays for long:

After all we all have a hectic busy schedule, it becomes difficult for you to constantly reapply your cream. So choose a product that gives long last result.

So friends Next time before buying any face cream for you first check above things in that cream 🙂

Hope friends you like the post if I missed something then below in comment box please mention that point and help our other reader 🙂

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  1. Informative post.

  2. A nice informative post. Choosing the right cream becomes tougher if one has acne prone skin.

  3. Just reviewed my favourite face cream for winters, nice post dear 🙂

  4. very informative post!

  5. Thanks for coming up with such an awesome post, Kiran 🙂 Loaded with useful infos 🙂

  6. wow..nice informative post.. but you should have recommended creams also ..loved it anyways..

  7. excellent post Kiran, very helpful. Will keep all the points in mind while selecting a face cream 🙂

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