Chocolate for Skin Care – Benefits and How to Use

Chocolate for Skin Care – Benefits and How to Use – Feeling happy? Eat chocolate. Feeling low? Eat chocolate. Chocolate works as a fantastic mood booster, and it can also lift your skin’s ‘mood’. A chocolate face mask is highly effective for our skin to go from dab to fab! Here in this article, we’ll discuss about the benefits of chocolate for skin care. We know that eating dark chocolate has few benefits for our health, and similarly dark chocolate also has amazing benefits for our skin. It is rich in flavonoids that prevent skin damage, boosts collagen production and promotes cell health. Plus, its high zinc content helps preventing acne. The fatty acids in chocolate nourish our skin while its anti inflammatory properties soothe skin irritation. Find out below in details the benefits and uses of chocolate for skin care.
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Why Use Chocolate for Skin Care?

  • Chocolates are rich in flavonoids, specially flavonol. It has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. And, studies have proved that flavonoids also can protect our skin from sun damage, which means they act as a natural sunscreen.
  • Additionally, chocolates are full of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E, several B vitamins, Vitamin K as well as magnesium, calcium, iron etc. When used on the skin, all of these nutrients get absorbed by the skin and provide superior nourishment.
  • The presence of vitamins and flavonoids present in chocolate makes it a great ingredient to fight off free radicals, and protect our skin from premature aging.
  • Magnesium can protect our skin from photo-damage, or sun damage, as we commonly call it. It also keeps the skin hydrated and boost collagen production, that in turn, ensures healthy and plump skin.
  • Cocoa powder acts as a great exfoliant for our skin. It helps in improving blood flow to the skin and makes the skin glowing. It offers gentle exfoliation and particularly good for those with acne prone skin.
  • Chocolate, when used on the skin, helps in reducing the redness and inflammation caused by acne and pimples, thanks to its anti inflammatory properties.
  • The presence of flavonoids in chocolate makes it a great remedy to get glowing and clear skin. The flavonoids nourish the skin from within, reduce blemishes, brightens complexion as well as improve skin elasticity while reducing the signs of premature aging.
  • Cocoa powder contains caffeine and theobromine, both of which are extremely beneficial to get firm and taut skin. They also help in breaking down fats and reduce fluid retention in the skin, thus making skin firm and toned. For the same reason, cocoa powder is considered useful to clear of cellulite and tighten the skin.

How to Use Chocolate for Skin Care

1. Chocolate and Multani Mitti for Skin Care

How to use chocolate and multani mitti for skin care?

Take some dark chocolate and melt it using a double boiler. Take 1-2 tbsp of melted chocolate and mix it with some multani mitti. Apply the resultant mixture all over the face and neck and wait for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with fresh water. Reapply this face mask with chocolate and multani mitti twice weekly for anti acne skin care.

Cocoa face pack, Skin benefits of chocolate, Chocolate face pack, Chocolate face mask, Home remedies for healthy skin

Benefits –

Multani mitti is a great natural ingredient to treat acne. Excess oil build up on the skin is one of the major causes of acne breakouts. Therefore, it is important to control the oil secretion from the sebaceous glands to get rid of acne. Multani mitti is known for its oil absorbing properties, that help to remove the excess oil from the skin surface and control breakouts.

Along with that, multani mitti has amazing exfoliating properties. Topical application of multani mitti gently exfoliates the skin and eliminates the dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin surface. This in turn, unclogs the pores, shrinks the pores size and minimize the possibility acne formation from that.

In addition, multani mitti has cooling properties, that help to soothe irritated skin. It helps to give relief from  the pain and redness of the acne and accelerates the healing process.

Multani mitti is rich in various minerals, that help nourishing our skin and preventing acne. It contains a good amount of magnesium chloride, which helps to fight off acne and also reduce itching and irritation of the skin caused by breakouts.

Not only acne, but multani mitti helps to fade acne scars as well. As we said earlier, it exfoliates the skin and boosts cell renewal process, that helps in lightening acne scars as well as other skin pigmentation including sun tan.

Multani mitti is a great cleanser for our skin. It is known for its purifying benefits, which not only fight off acne, but also help to remove blackheads as well as whiteheads. Being rich in minerals, multani mitti boosts blood circulation in the skin, which results in better supply of oxygen and other nutrients to our skin cells. This helps to nourish the skin cells and makes skin healthy and happy.

2. Chocolate and Honey for Skin Care

How to use chocolate and honey for skin care?

Take a tbsp cocoa powder and make a paste by adding some raw honey to it. Apply the face mask all over the face and neck and wait till it gets semi dry. Wash off using fresh water and reapply this remedy with chocolate and honey for skin care twice or thrice weekly to get glowing skin.

Benefits –

Honey is a great natural remedy to achieve glowing skin. It comes loaded with several vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, etc. and minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. It also contains multiple anti oxidants, 18-20 amino acids as well as AHAs. All these nutrients work wonders on our skin and help to boost our complexion.

Honey penetrates the skin deeply and nourishes the skin cells with its rich nutritional compounds and makes the skin bright, supple and glowing over time.

Honey has exfoliating properties as well. It contains gluconic acid, which is an AHA. The natural enzymes and gluconic acid together exfoliate the skin and removes the impurities to help us achieve glowing skin. Honey is a great natural treatment for acne, pimples and premature aging signs.

Being a natural humectant, honey draws moisture from the environment and locks it into the skin cells. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevent skin dryness. Also honey can stop moisture loss from the skin. This further helps to improve our skin texture and adds a beautiful glow.

We know, honey helps to exfoliate our skin. Through exfoliation, honey removes the impurities from the skin surface and unclog the blocked pores. This helps to keep acne and pimples at bay. Furthermore, the anti oxidant benefits of honey help combating various skin problems. such as early aging, dry skin, dull skin, acne etc.

Not just acne, but honey helps to lighten acne scars and other types of skin pigmentation as well. The nutrients in honey, along with its anti oxidant compounds and exfoliating benefits help in boosting our complexion, by lightening marks, scars, etc.

3. Chocolate and Coffee for Skin Care

How to use chocolate and coffee for skin care?

In a bowl, take equal amount of chocolate powder and coffee powder. Add some milk there and mix everything together. Apply this on your face and neck. Massage the skin in circular motion for few minutes to exfoliate and then wait for another 5-8 minutes. Wash off everything with fresh water. Reapply this remedy with chocolate and coffee for anti aging skin care 2-3 times in a week.

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Benefits –

Coffee –

Coffee works amazing as a natural anti aging ingredient. It contains caffeine which has anti oxidant benefits. Also, coffee is a rich source of polyphenols, which are enriched with very powerful anti oxidant properties. We know that, the free radicals are mostly responsible for the aging of our skin, and anti oxidants can effectively fight off the free radicals and protect us against aging.

Regular use of coffee is highly beneficial to slow down the aging process of the skin, specially photo-aging (caused by UV damage). The slight coarse texture of coffee works wonderfully to remove the dead skin cells and makes skin healthier, smoother and brighter.

Coffee also improves blood circulation in the skin and ensures better oxygen flow to the skin cells. This further provides optimal nourishment to the skin cells, repair the damages and make the skin glow from within.

The caffeine and other powerful anti oxidants present in coffee are rich in anti inflammatory properties. They help to heal inflamed skin as well as gives relief from breakouts, itchy skin, skin irritation etc.

Coffee has wonderful skin brightening benefit as well. Being loaded with anti oxidants, coffee provides the skin with vital nutrients and helps rejuvenating tired skin. Also it boosts cell regeneration process. As a result, skin becomes more youthful, soft, glowing as well as even toned.

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Milk –

Milk is a wonderful natural remedy for anti aging. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins that work together to nourish the skin from within and keep aging at bay.

Milk contains lactic acid, which is an AHA. Lactic acid is very nourishing for our skin. It exfoliates the skin and removes the dead skin cells to help diminishing wrinkles and lines. Along with exfoliation, lactic acid helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin to keep it healthy and youthful.

Milk has great moisturizing power. We know that dry skin is more prone to aging, hence, moisturization is must to keep premature skin aging at bay. Vitamin A in milk helps to heal dry skin by increasing sebum production. The natural sebum keeps the skin moisturized and protects it against untimely aging. Milk contains vitamin B6, that helps to lighten the appearance of aging signs by boosting cell regeneration process.

Milk is a good source of biotin or vitamin B7. It also helps to prevent early skin aging by rejuvenating dull and dry skin. Furthermore, vitamin D in milk has anti oxidant benefits. It fights off the free radicals and keeps premature aging at bay. Also vitamin D promotes collagen production in the skin to maintain skin elasticity and suppleness, prevents saggy skin as well as fades age spots.

Along with vitamins, the minerals present in milk also help to eliminate aging signs. It contains a high amount of calcium, that helps boosting collagen production in the skin and reduces the chance to get wrinkles and lines. Calcium also protects the skin against free radicals damages, such as aging. Plus, it has the ability to boost cell regeneration process, thus making way for healthy skin. Magnesium in milk helps to slow down the aging process of our skin.

Furthermore, milk comes with selenium. Selenium is another vital mineral that help to preserve the youthfulness of our skin. It fights off the free radicals and also boosts skin elasticity and firmness, so that aging signs cannot appear. Also it protects the skin against photo aging caused by UV damage. Along with all these, milk proteins also play an important role in preventing premature aging of our skin.

4. Chocolate and Yogurt for Skin Care

How to use chocolate and yogurt for skin care?

Take a tbsp cocoa powder and add some fresh and unflavored yogurt to that. Mix together and apply the resultant mixture on the face as well as neck. Massage gently with your fingertips and leave it on the skin for 15 minutes. Wash off with fresh water. Reapply this DIY exfoliating face mask with chocolate and yogurt for skin care twice or thrice weekly.

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Benefits –

Most of us know that yogurt has wonderful moisturization properties. But along with that, it offers great exfoliation benefits as well. It contains lactic acid, which belongs to the AHA family. Lactic acid exfoliates the skin and clears up the debris from our skin surface. The best part is that lactic acid doesn’t dry out the skin, instead it adds nourishment and moisturization to boost our overall skin health.

Yogurt is a great source of B vitamins. Vitamin B2 found in yogurt has anti oxidant benefits. It protects our skin cells against oxidative stress, thus avoiding various skin problems, including skin dryness, premature aging of skin etc. Also it boosts healthy cell growth and helps in manufacturing healthy cellular fats. This helps in repairing skin damages. Vitamin B5 as well as B12 in yogurt also help with moisturizing dry skin.

Sun exposure is one of the worst enemies of sensitive skin. Yogurt contains zinc, a vital mineral that comes with anti inflammatory benefits and helps treating sun damaged skin.

Calcium is a vital mineral for our skin, as the outermost layer of skin contains a high amount of calcium. Any deficiency of calcium can cause dry and rough skin. Yogurt, being a rich source of calcium, helps preventing dryness. Calcium also helps with cell renewal process, thus helping us achieve healthy and soft skin naturally.

5. Chocolate and Shea Butter for Skin Care

How to use chocolate and shea butter for skin care?

Take a tbsp each of melted dark chocolate and melted shea butter and mix them together. Massage the resultant mixture onto the face and neck and wait for some time. Use fresh water to wash it off. Reapply twice in a week. This is a wonderful way to use chocolate for dry skin care.

Benefits –

Shea butter is enriched with fatty acids, including oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, etc. These fatty acids are extremely nourishing and moisturizing for our skin. Also it contains vitamin A and E, both of which are known for their skin nourishing benefits.

Vitamin A helps in treating wrinkles, acne, etc by boosting cell growth. It also helps to heal dry skin by increasing sebum production by the sebaceous glands, whereas Vitamin E protects the skin from sun damage and also replenishes the skin with lost moisture. Vitamin E can reverse the natural aging process of our skin and has anti inflammatory benefits, that help in treating various skin conditions.

Shea butter is also known for its anti inflammatory properties, which help to soothe dry and irritated skin. Shea butter has great emollient as well as humectant properties. It not only adds moisturization to dry skin, but also helps with moisture retention.

Extreme dryness can cause itching and peeling as well as develop cracks on the skin. The moisturizing and anti inflammatory benefits of shea butter help healing the skin and provide relief from the discomfort. Shea butter can penetrate the skin easily, nourish the skin and soften rough skin.

Shea butter has wonderful anti aging benefits. It helps in boosting collagen production in the skin, that helps with maintaining the natural elasticity of the skin and keeps the skin supple, nourished, glowing as well as youthful.

Shea butter helps in improving blood circulation in the skin. As a result, it helps to nourish the skin cells and results in faster cell renewal. The catechins found in shea butter also have anti aging benefits. Regular application of shea butter is extremely beneficial in treating skin rashes, skin peeling after UV damage, stretch marks, burns, athletes foot, insect bites, acne as well as acne scars.

Here we discussed five different ways to use chocolate for skin care. As you’ve seen, there are multiple skin problems that chocolate can resolve. Let your taste-buds enjoy the delight of chocolate and also allow your skin to get pampered by the goodness it has to offer.

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