Chia Seeds for Hair Care – Benefits and Different Ways to Use

Chia Seeds for Hair Care – Benefits and Different Ways to Use – Chia seeds is not an unknown name to us anymore, specially after the Korean skin care brands launched their products in India. These seeds are considered one of the healthiest foods across the planet. And what is good for our health, is also great for our hair and skin. Chia seeds work exceptionally well for enhancing the beauty and health of our skin and hair. Here is a dedicated article on benefits of chia seeds for hair. Native in Mexico and Guatemala, chia seeds have gained huge popularity across the globe for their high nutritional value and low calorie. The seeds are enriched with fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, protein, calcium etc. Find out here how to use chia seeds for hair.
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Benefits of Chia Seeds for Hair Care

  • Chia seeds work excellent for boosting hair growth, because of their protein content. Our hair is primarily made up of protein, known as keratin. Chia seeds are about 23% protein. Being high in protein, chia seeds help growing our hair healthy and strong.
  • The anti inflammatory benefits of chia seeds are also vital to maintain a healthy and strong hair.
  • The anti oxidant benefits of chia seeds shield the hair and scalp from various damages, cased by free radicals.
  • Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This is a vital nutrient for hair. It has been seen that women with omega 3 fatty acids deficiency may experience heavy hair fall issue.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids can stimulate the hair follicles and induce new hair growth. Being a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, chia seeds help controlling hair loss, along with making hair shiny and lustrous.
  • Chia seeds contain a good amount of zinc. This is a vital mineral for healthy hair. It enhances the hair’s ability to protect itself from environmental damages. Zinc also prevents scalp infections.
  • Also, zinc supports healthy cell regeneration that help to boost hair health, making them strong and shiny.
  • Along with zinc, chia seeds are also enriched with copper. Copper is a vital mineral for healthy hair and scalp. It boosts blood circulation to the scalp, stimulate the hair follicles, help with new hair growth and also arrest hair thinning.
  • Copper also helps in preventing premature graying of hair.
  • The high mineral content of chia seeds help in improving hair texture, along with boosting our overall hair health.

The best way to use chia seeds for hair is by consuming it daily. You can add chia seeds to your yogurt, toast or smoothie. Mix it with your oatmeal, or simply add it to your juice.

In addition, you can also prepare hair masks using chia seeds and few other hair care ingredients. Here are few ideas on how to prepare DIY hair mask with chia seeds.

How to Use Chia Seeds for Hair Care

1. Coconut Milk and Chia Seeds for Hair Growth

How to use coconut milk and chia seeds to grow long hair?

Take a tsp chia seeds and soak it in a quarter of a cup of coconut milk. Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes. Once it turns into a gel like mixture, apply the hair mask all over the scalp.

Gently massage for few minutes with your fingertips. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this hair mask with chis seeds and coconut milk once or twice every week for better hair growth.

Benefits –

Coconut milk is a great natural remedy to treat various hair problems. It works great to stop hair loss and boost hair growth. This ingredient is a wonderful source of nourishing fatty acids, including lauric acid, which is extremely beneficial for our hair.

Lauric acid has natural anti fungal, anti viral as well as anti bacterial benefits, that help fighting off dandruff and other scalp infections and maintaining a healthy scalp, thus promoting healthy hair growth.

Along with lauric acid, coconut milk is enriched with various vitamins such as vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, C and E. These nutrients are extremely beneficial to nourish dry and damaged hair.

They help repair split ends, frizzy hair and hair breakage, all of which can potentially stop our hair growth completely.

Furthermore, coconut milk is the source of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium etc. These minerals help strengthening hair strands and prevent hair loss.

The anti oxidant benefits of coconut milk also aids in healthy hair growth by protecting our hair and scalp from free radicals as well as environmental elements. Regular use of coconut milk helps to repair the hair damages from within and stimulate the hair follicles to grow new hair.

Protein is the main building block of our hair and any kind of protein loss can cause severe hair damage and lead to uncontrollable hair loss.

Coconut milk is rich in protein component that helps in restoring protein and reducing hair loss as well as aiding in hair regrowth.

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2. Aloe Vera Gel and Chia Seeds for Healthy Hair

How to use chia seeds and aloe vera gel to get healthy hair?

Take 4 cups of chia seeds and mix it with a cup of filtered water. Leave it like that overnight. Next day, heat the mixture on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Separate the chai seeds with the help of a strainer. Keep them in a bowl and add a tbsp aloe vera gel. Gently whisk to mix together until it turns into a gel like mixture.

Apply it on the damp hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash off. Repeat this hair gel mask with aloe vera gel and chia seeds twice per week.

Benefits –

Aloe vera is high in water which helps with hydration and moisturization. It works as a natural hair conditioner and with regular use, can improve our hair texture.

Aloe vera works wonderfully to restore healthy scalp. Dry and itchy scalp is a major problem for many of us.

Sometimes the accumulation of dead skin cells can make our scalp dry and itchy. Moreover, these dead cells can also clog the pores and halt our hair growth.

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzyme, that helps to exfoliate the scalp and get rid of the excess amount of dead cells.

Furthermore, the natural anti bacterial as well as anti viral benefits of aloe vera ensure our scalp stays healthy.

Dandruff is another worst enemy for our hair. It makes our scalp unhealthy and lead to severe hair fall. The anti fungal benefits of aloe vera help with dandruff treatment.

Besides, being a rich source of water, aloe vera helps in hydrating and moisturizing the scalp, thus reducing chances of further dandruff formation. In addition, the natural anti inflammatory benefits of aloe vera help soothing the irritated scalp.

Maintaining the pH balance of the scalp is important. It helps in preventing many hair and scalp problems, including dandruff, hair fall, etc.

Aloe vera is alkaline in nature which helps to bring a balance in the acid-alkali level on the scalp, thus ensuring healthy scalp as well as hair.

Aloe vera contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C as well as vitamin E. These vitamins help to nourish the scalp as well as hair follicles, repair the damages and makes our hair stronger. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid in aloe vera prevent hair from falling out.

Aloe vera has deep cleansing benefits. The natural astringent properties of aloe vera make it a must for those troubled with oily scalp and oily hair.

It helps to remove build up, dirt, sweat and other impurities from the scalp and hair follicles. This helps to unclog the hair follicles and restore healthy, clean scalp, thus providing a great environment for healthy hair growth.

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3. Moisturizing Hair Mask with Chia Seeds, Coconut Oil and Honey

How to use chia seeds, coconut oil and honey for dry hair?

Take a tsp chia seeds in a bowl. Add 2-4 tbsp coconut oil and some organic honey to that. Mix together and microwave the mixture for few seconds to get a gel like consistency.

Take it out and keep it aside to cool. Shampoo your hair first and then wring out the excess water. Apply the hair mask all over the hair from roots to the ends.

Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off. Reapply this hair mask with chia seeds, honey and coconut oil twice weekly.

Benefits –

Coconut Oil –

Coconut oil is a must have ingredient for healthy hair. It is a source of several hair nourishing fatty acids, that help repairing the hair damages and restore soft, shiny, smooth and healthy hair naturally.

Along with fatty acids, coconut oil comes with several other hair friendly nutrients as well. These nutrients also help to nourish and repair hair damage effectively.

Moisture loss is the major reason for dry and dehydrated hair. But, excess moisture build up can also cause dry and frizzy hair.

Coconut oil, with regular use, helps to prevent such damages by coating the hairs with a protective barrier. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair follicles deeply and repair the dryness from within.

Free radicals as well as various environmental elements can cause hair damage and dry hair. The anti oxidants present in coconut oil along with other hair friendly nutrients, help repairing the hair damages and rejuvenate dry and dull hair.

They also protect our hair from a number of problems, including split ends, hair breakage, dandruff, premature graying of hair etc.

Being rich in nutrients, coconut oil helps in boosting blood circulation in the scalp with regular application. Better blood circulation results in better transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. This way, coconut oil helps to nourish the hair follicles as well as hair strands and improves hair texture.

Coconut oil contains both omega 6 as well as Omega 9 fatty acids, that help to keep hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Healthy scalp is must for healthy hair. The anti bacterial as well as the anti fungal benefits of coconut oil help maintaining a healthy scalp by driving away dandruff and other scalp infections.

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Honey –

Honey has natural hair conditioning benefits, which is why it works wonders for dry hair. It has humectant properties, that help absorbing moisture from the environment and then locking it in the hair strands, thus adding moisturization.

Furthermore, it forms a protective layer on the hair strands and prevents moisture loss from the hair. This helps to drive dryness away and restores soft and smooth hair.

In addition, honey is rich in essential nutrients, that also help with dry hair treatment. It is a source of several vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, B3 B5 as well as B6.

Along with that, honey comes with minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc etc.

Along with vitamins and minerals, honey is a source of multiple anti oxidants. These anti oxidants protect our hair and scalp from several damages by fighting off the free radicals.

Also these anti oxidants help preventing hair damage caused by environmental elements such as UV damage, pollution, dry weather etc. Regular use of honey helps to maintain hair health and texture.

The exfoliation properties of honey also come handy to maintain healthy soft hair. The dirt and dust, along with hair styling products often create build up over the hair strands and make our hair rough.

In fact, our scalp also suffers from build up, which affect the hair health badly.

Honey contains gluconic acid, which is an AHA, as well as several other natural enzymes. They help exfoliating the hair strands as well as scalp and remove the build up effective, paving way for soft, smooth and healthy hair.

4. Chia Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar for Shiny Hair

How to use chia seeds and apple cider vinegar for shiny hair?

Soak 1-2 tsp chia seeds in a cup of water. Wait till the seeds swell up. Add 1/3rd cup of apple cider vinegar to the soaked chia seeds. Mash together to prepare the hair mask.

Apply it on the hair, from roots to the tips. Wait for 30-40 minutes, before rinsing off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this remedy with chia seeds and apple cider vinegar twice in a week to get shiny hair naturally.

Benefits –

We know that healthy hair grows from healthy scalp, hence in order to achieve gorgeous hair, we must take care of our scalp health. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural ingredient to ensure a healthy scalp.

More often than not, fungus and bacteria on the scalp can cause hair loss and smelly, unhealthy scalp. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid.

Acetic acid has natural anti microbial benefits, which helps to treat bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp and restore scalp health.

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Apple cider vinegar has deep cleansing properties, that help removing the build up from hair and scalp. When used on the scalp topically, let it sit for 3-4 minutes so that it can break up the molecular structure of the residue and rinse them off easily.

Apple cider vinegar, with its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, work as a great natural remedy for dandruff, which is caused by fungal infection.

Maintaining the ideal pH level of the hair and scalp is the key to healthy hair and healthy scalp.

Our hair and scalp have a pH level of between 4.5 and 5.5. This pH level helps the scalp to stay protected from fungal infections. But most of the regular shampoos often disrupt this balance and results in several hair and scalp issues.

Apple cider vinegar, with its acidic properties (and its pH balance is close to that of our hair) helps to restore the ideal pH balance of the scalp and hair, with regular application.

The cuticles’ position on our hair strands have a bigger impact on how the hair look. If the cuticles are up, hair becomes frizzy and rough.

But when they are down, our hair feels smooth to touch and it also helps with better reflection of lights, and make our hair look shiny.

The natural acidic nature of apple cider vinegar helps to smoothen out the cuticles of the hair strands and make the hair frizz free, smooth and shiny.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in various hair friendly nutrients. It contains vitamin C that provides anti oxidant support to our hair and scalp and also helps with hair growth.

B vitamins in ACV stimulates blood circulation in the hair follicles and treats hair loss. Also they help balancing the moisture level of the scalp and hair.

ACV also contains probiotics, the good bacteria, that help disinfecting the scalp and fights off smelly scalp as well.

Here we discussed few simple ways to prepare chia seeds mask for hair care. Enriched with essential nutrients, chia seeds are rightly called as ‘superfoods’.

Once you start consuming chia seeds or apply chia seeds mask on hair, you are bound to get surprised by the results. However, don’t expect overnight results, be consistent and have some patience & the results will be worth the wait!

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