Check Now 2016’s Coolest Haircuts for You

Check Now 2016’s Coolest Haircuts for You – Hello girls! hope you all are doing well, today I have bought something cool for this season. Check Now 2016’s Coolest Haircuts for You, So if you see around, from Sunny Leone to Sonakshi Sinha everyone is going short, so it is time to take plunge. Growing hair was never confusing, but chopping off your hair into short calls for a confidence and I have that energy to do that. Well, taking about the latest haircuts, each and every season a new haircut comes in a market and the whole fashion world goes gaga over them. But it is also equally important to go with the flow of the fashion in order to maintain the real fashionista spirit in you. Well, do you love experimenting with your hair quite often? So go ahead and get your coolest hair style. Check Now 2016’s Coolest Haircuts for You and go cool this summer.

Check Now 2016's Coolest Haircuts for You

Check Now 2016’s Coolest Haircuts for You

Bob Cut with Waves

Bob cut with waves

You can try to go with bob cut with slight waves in the front. Bob cut with waves goes well with woman who have round or diamond shaped face. The ideal way to deal with this type of hair is keep them blow drying and they will maintain its own shape. Bob cut waves can be easily pulled off by any girl and it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Next come the Pixie cut that is popular these days after you had many celebrities rocking this style. Talking about pixie cut it goes well with round shaped face as it helps to add sleekness to your face and create an illusion of sleek and skinny face. Pixie cut is the new trend in the market that is growing day by day due to its popularity. If you have confused with your hairstyle, simply go forward with pixie cut.

Beachy Waves with Shoulder Length Hair

Beachy waves with shoulder length hair

I repeat, I recommended, Beachy waves with shoulder length and not short or more than this. Generally, shoulder length haircut looks way better than long or extremely short hair. You can add a little spice to your haircut by adding some layers from front or opting for bangs. Beachy waves with shoulder length goes well with girls who have optical or long facial structure.

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Sleek Bob

Sleek bob

This sleek bob is the combination of a couple of things and the things are sheared, pointed ends slicked back behind the ears and a deep side parting that has a gelled back pull. Sleek Bob does not looks good on all but it goes comfortably goes well with woman who have round, diamond or square shape of face. Sleek bob takes efforts to be pulled off, but if done it is a dignity respected.

Blunt Hairstyle

Blunt Hairstyle

Sleek and simple, blunt haircut is timeless haircut and looks prefect on woman with all type of face structures. Blunt haircut helps to make your jaw line appear sharper and also makes has extremely low maintenance. This is a bonus for all the woman who have straight hair because this cut cannot suite others who have curly hair. Blunt cut is extremely easy to be pulled off and also it suits on all types of attire.

So, girls confused about what haircut to try out? Check Now 2016’s Coolest Haircuts for You.

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  1. Both beachy look as well the bob do loOKs perfect fr summers 😉

  2. So pretty haircuts…i am planning to get a good hair cut…will wait for 1-2 months more and then get a haircut..i will choose one from these only

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