Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair

Hair is our crowning glory. Shiny, healthy and beautiful hair adds an extra charm to our look. After all, a beautiful face and beautiful hair complements each other. But our busy lifestyle often don’t allow us the time for proper hair care. Result is dull, lack luster, frizzy hair! But hey, have you noticed how your favorite celebrity’s hair looks like? Shiny, glossy..just fabulous all the time! Celebrities are even busier than us!! So whats the Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair? You will say, they have experts and stylists. Right. But there’s something more! Celebrities follow few basic rules when it comes to hair care. And if you start following those rules, you too can get those amazing tresses! To know what are they, read below my post on Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair.

Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair

Cold Shower

Blast your hair with the coldest shower (after shampooing), as much you can handle. Hot water not only damages our skin, but our hair too. If you live in a cold region, then you really don’t have much option other that choosing hot shower. But after that, wash your hair with cold water.?Cold shower seals the cuticles and makes hair shiny, stronger and smoother.

Apply Serum

Apply serum on wet hair, instead of waiting for your hair to dry. Wet hair helps in even distribution of serum. Serum gives our hair the much desired shine. Plus it makes detangling easy, which in turn leads to less hairfall. Hair looks soft and smooth with a lovely shine.

How to get shiny hair

Conditioner is Must

Never ever skip conditioner. There’s a wide range of conditioners available in the market. You can choose one depending upon your hair type. Or go with natural solutions like aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar etc. The acidity (of conditioner) helps to seal the cuticles and the smoother the cuticle, the shinier the hair will look. Moreover, conditioner controls frizz, keeps hair in place and prevents tangles. So conditioner is must for overall healthy hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

This trick will give you celebrity like shiny and glossy hair easily. Apply a leave in conditioner and cover you hair with a shower cap. Now get into warm shower. The steam will open up the cuticles and let the treatment to penetrate the hair shafts and condition them properly. After 15-20 minutes, rinse off the hair.


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Shiny Hair

Avoid Alcohol Based Hair Care Products

While buying hair care products, do make it a point to carefully go through the ingredient list. If it contains alcohol, ditch that immediately. Alcohol strips the hair off its natural oil and both hair and scalp become dry and lifeless. So always choose herbal products for your hair to retain its natural shine.

No Heat Treatments

Hair dryer and other hair styling tools give a very attractive look to our hair. But these heat treatments actually damages our hair. They take away the natural shine from our hair. Continuous use of these heat treatments makes hair dry and often leads to split ends. So limit their use.

Secrets For Shiny Hair

Oil Massage

Oil massage, specially hot oil massage works like a replenishing treatment for our hair. Simply heat the oil and massage it on the hair, giving special attention towards the ends. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with moisturizing shampoo.

Hair Masque

Hair masque is the best treatment for damaged hair. Hair masques provide deep nourishment to the strands, making them soft, smooth and shiny. ?Varieties of hair masques are available in the market these days. But the best option is to go natural. Whip up a hair masque using your kitchen ingredients as that will be the safest and totally free from chemicals.

Shiny, glossy, soft hair is adored by all. And these Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair can give you gorgeous looking hair easily. You see, these are not secrets really, few basic rules. Treat your hair well and it will treat you even better 🙂

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  1. I so wish I had such silky hair

  2. I think heroines have the most heat treated hair but I think they eat healthy and do a lot of workout which help them most of the time. Nice tips though!

  3. Thanks for sharing…I swear by hair masques…it works like magic. Will try the leave in conditioner trick 🙂

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