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Outfit for Friday Office

Outfit for Friday Office Hello friends…This is my first outfit post …Outfit for Friday Office first..  rainy season is season of love.. season of colors, in this perfect weather the bright colors look more sensual and stunning.. i just love experimenting with my dresses.. and here i came up with a perfect semi- formal outfit for my Friday office..  

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Natural Hair Straightening Products

Natural Hair Straightening Products Today i will share Natural Hair Straightening Products. Beauty salons not only burn a hole in your pocket, but their frequent treatments can make your beautiful hair look dull and lifeless too. Excess exposure to their hair straightening machines and dryers can make your hair addicted to these treatments. Managing your mane without them can get difficult for you by each passing usage.

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My Foot Flats

My Foot Flats Hi Friends…. Here is  collection of My Foot Flats.  I love flat footwear, it makes me really comfortable and i know like me many girls love flats. I know Its only trailer of my flats i want more and more and more… never stop… buying flats 🙂 😀  

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The ABCD of Beauty Creams

bb, cc, dd,BB, CC., DD Cream, cream, foundation

The ABCD of Beauty Creams Hi friends… today i will share  The ABCD of Beauty Creams. With the arrival of DD creams, women everywhere are spoilt for choice and can’t decide whether to go for a BB, CC or DD cream! asks experts to do a face off between these three alphabetic beauty buys.

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How to Apply Double Winged Eyeliner

How to Apply Double Winged Eyeliner – Double Winged Eyeliner are getting so popular nowadays and I love applying eye makeup. I always try new eye makeup styles and now I have a chance to share some of my tutorial with readers. I am very nervous as it’s my first tutorial ever. Anyways, let’s not get into all that and come back to the topic.

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