Can Johnson & Johnson Products be Dangerous ?

Johnson & Johnson is a very familiar name in every household. When it comes to baby care products, Johnson & Johnson is one of the most trusted brand across the globe. Johnson & Johnson powder, shampoo, lotion, cream etc have been used by hundreds and thousands of us for decades, especially for our babies. But recently, this giant healthcare brand has been ordered to pay $72 million to the family of an Albama woman who died of ovarian cancer. According to the sources, she was using Johnson & Johnson baby talc and some other products that contained talc for feminine hygiene. And this has resulted in her ovarian cancer. Such a dangerous news! Many of us use Johnson baby talc for ourselves and our babies!! And this incident has severely shaken us for sure! Can Johnson & Johnson Products be Dangerous? Should we stop using it? Lets take a look!

Can Johnson & Johnson Products be Dangerous

This Albama based incident is a very recent case. It was reported that a pathologist found that the late Albama woman’s ovaries were inflamed with talc, which has turned into cancer. The lady, Jacqueline Fox, who was 62 years old, had used Johnson baby talc for 35 years to maintain feminine hygiene. However this isn’t the first time! Previously also, harmful chemicals like 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde were found in Johnson & Johnson baby products. These ingredients contain properties that can cause cancer and it has been proved. After petitions and lots of negative publicity, in 2012, Johnson & Johnson agreed to eliminate these ingredients.

All of us know that talcum powder is made of talc. Now what is talc? Talc is basically a naturally occuring, soft mineral. It is composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Talc is a very common ingredient in beauty care products. It absorbs moisture, prevents rashes and helps to cut down frictions. We use talcum powder on our babies as well as on ourselves.

Johnson & Johnson Products

Talc, in its natural form may contain asbestos, which can cause cancer. During 1970s’ talcum powder used to contain asbestos. But now-a-days, FDA doesn’t allow any talc based products which contain asbestos. And Johnson & Johnson has stated on the company website that their talc based products are totally free of asbestos and FDA study also has?found no asbestos in Johnson & Johnsons talc-based baby powder. According to the health experts, the cancer may have been from years ago due to the presence of asbestos in the talcum powder used then. Moreover, there are many other risk factors that can cause ovarian cancer, like age, reproductive issues, side effects of birth control etc.

Johnson baby powder

So, is there any link between Johnson baby talc and cancer? Well, the answer is not yet clear. Some studies suggest that there is a link. Then again, others suggest no link. However, it is not clear yet if this gentle, white soothing powder contain talc that can cause the deadly disease cancer!

We have said a lot about ovarian cancer here! But what are the signs of ovarian cancer? Rapid weight loss, Abdominal swelling, Discomfort in the pelvis area, constipation, frequent urination etc are some of the signs of ovarian cancer. And anyone suffering from these discomforts for a long period of time is advised to go and see a doctor immediately.

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  1. That news of Johnson’s baby talc causing cancer was shocking..lovely post 😉

  2. I love Johnson’s as a brand…what is happening these days yaar????

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