Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

Hello Readers, Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review is what I am going to share today. Oiling imparts deep conditioning treatment to the hair which relieves hair of dryness and tangles. I try to be regular with oiling as my dry hair is very prone to get tangled up. Even my scalp needs nourishment to grow hair stronger and healthier but due to my busy schedule like most women its not always possible to get a proper oil massage. Thus I picked up a quick non oily hair nourishing product to improve the health of my hair.

Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel is formulated using Hibiscus in a gel base. Its gel base makes it non sticky, easy to apply and wash off too. Hibiscus aids the health of hair by fighting dandruff and hair loss like issues. In most hair packs and oils which aim to control and reduce hair fall and stimulate the hair follicles to increase the density of hair, hibiscus is used as a key ingredient. Take a look at my Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review below.

Price of Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel : Rs.80/- only

Direction for use and Ingredients :
how touse and ingredients, Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Maroon

Smell : Herbal

cap, Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

What Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel claims

claims, Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

swatch, Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

My experience with Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel

Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel is available in the cute small tubs with a description leaflet hanging around the cap. Its transparent body helps one know the amount of product left inside. Before using, one must scoop it out using any spoon or something else to sustain the gel in hygienic condition for longer. The gel is red in color and its smell resembles some kind of herbal fusion.

As mentioned Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel is not a styling gel rather it’s a treatment product for dandruff and other hair issues. In my busy schedule when oiling is not possible I look up to this and as instructed apply a thin layer on clean and dry scalp. A lot of product if applied can make hair look greasy. Although there is no mention of immediate rinsing yet hair feels little sticky post use so I wash it off using a mild cleanser. Post wash hair feels softer and not at all sticky like before. This gel is easy to wash off with any shampoo. And it keeps the scalp balanced and oil free too.

This is a nice alternative to regular oiling which otherwise is messy and needs several washes too. In fact as promised it does take care of dandruff and scalp related problems. After continued use oily dandruff gets reduced to a great extent and there is no itchiness on the scalp too. As for hair fall is concerned with the goodness of hibiscus it has brought my hair fall under control too. The best part is that Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel does not make hair limp like hair oils rather it looks bouncy and fuller. However, it delivers results on dandruff and hair loss only after continued use.

Overall Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel is lightweight hair gel enriched with the goodness of hibiscus. As an alternative to oiling it makes hair softer, keeps scalp oil free and fights dandruff and hair loss like issues without weighing down the strands like other hair oils.

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Good about Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel

  • Light consistency
  • Easy to use as it is non messy
  • Alternative to regular oiling
  • Fights dandruff as promised
  • Brings hair fall under control
  • Balances oily scalp
  • Does not weigh down the strands
  • Can be used as a hair pack or in other hair masks
  • Makes hair bouncy and look fuller
  • Gets washed off easily

Bad about Brihans Hibiscus Hair Gel

  • Needs immediate rinsing
  • Not sure about its purity

Availability : Offline as well as Online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. wow seems quiet great 🙂 gel as a oil means something new for me 🙂

  2. Konica Mukherjee

    Seems good product

  3. I really trust their brand .. their aloe vera gel has worked wonders for me .. I am sure this product is great as well 🙂

  4. I never knew they had this too, I heard of their aloevera gel only 🙂

  5. I have used this long time back. Really tames the hair.

  6. I need to try it

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