Bridal Jewellery, A Guide for A Perfect Look

Bridal Jewellery, A Guide for A Perfect Look – “I want my wedding jewellery to be as royal as the queen,” said every girl’s soul dreaming about her big fat Indian wedding. Every Indian girl goes gaga when it comes to deciding their perfect bridal jewellery to match with their wedding ensemble. From deciding the perfect combinations of gold necklace sets to the perfect mangalsutra designs, gold jewellery not only looks traditionally pleasing but also connects us to our roots. If you are a bride-to-be looking for the perfect dreamy jewellery sets for your wedding, then this blog is a must-read for you. We have curated the most trending and timeless styles so that you look like the queen you are.

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Bridal Jewellery, A Guide for A Perfect Look

Choker Sets

A classic gold choker set is a must-have. Choker sets are a statement maker with crush-worthy details and an exquisite variety of patterns.

If you’re planning to wear deep neck styles, you should pick the choker style necklace with stud earrings or pair it with a long sitahar.

Long Layered Sets

Layering is always the best option. You can pick all your favourite styles and put them together to curate a beautiful royal look.

These sets will look perfect with beautiful silk or Banarasi saree with the traditional styles. You can even pick this for a complete South-Indian bride look.

Kundan Gold Necklace Sets

Kundan jewellery sets have been timeless for their classic styles to beautiful colour details. And the best part is that they will go with every gota-patti lehenga as well as light work sarees.

Minimalistic Sets

If you’re the type of bride who believes that less is more, then minimalistic sets are perfect for you. They have intricate detailing and are lightweight.

These sets are glam and calm at the same time. Carry it with heavy ensembles to curate a perfect balance all over.

Contemporary Sets

It’s always good to hop on the trends. If you plan to wear a charming gown for your reception, you must have a chic contemporary set. You can even carry a trendy jewellery piece with beautiful details.

The Diamond Details

Add sparkling and glamorous details to your look with statement diamond pieces. If your outfit is missing some shining stonework, then pick a diamond jewellery set.

A necklace paired with matching earrings and even mangtikka will be top-notch for the sangeet ceremony.

Pro tip: When diamonds are paired with gold necklace set, they give the whole set a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary style.

Rajputana Jewellery Sets

The classic ‘Jodhaa’ bridal look is like a dream wedding look for every girl. With the royal details and old-age charm, Rajputana jewellery sets are one of a kind. Rajputana sets can help you elevate your d-day lehenga look.

Pendant Necklace

If you love the simple and elegant style, pendant necklaces are a perfect match for you. You can pair them with any chunky earring or studs.

Style tip: As these necklaces are usually long, they will go with your desi-saree look and suit sets.

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Pearls and Emeralds

Have you seen anything more awe-inspiring than gold combined with pearls and emeralds? Adding the shine of beautiful stones is like the juicy cherry on top of the cake!

The best element about these sets is to pair them with both a western as well as Indian look.

The Mangalsutra Combination

Mangalsutra is the soul of every traditional Indian wedding. The gorgeous black beads protect the couple against negativity and maintain a beautiful divine relationship between the couple.

An intrinsic part of our culture, the ladies mangalsutra has taken a lot of trendy edits with time. Here are some trendy yet traditional mangalsutra designs.

  • Short Chain Mangalsutra – Chic and traditional in one! Short mangalsutra will go with everything from dresses to suit sets. You can even pair them with long layered sets for a glam look.
  • Long Chain Mangalsutra – The intricate weave of black and gold beads can be paired with minimal choker gold necklace sets to add extra charm.
  • The Contemporary Mangalsutra – If you love experimenting, then a little contemporary touch to the pendant is a must! It will definitely enhance your overall look in a chic way.
  • Maharashtrian Mangalsutra – The symbolic ladies mangalsutra with two gold vatis with black beads mangalsutra has its own cultural meaning as the two vatis signify Shiva and Parvati.
  • The Floral Mangalsutra – Flowers and petals are like adding a blooming delight to the pure details of traditional threads of mangalsutra.
  • Temple Mangalsutra – The traditional temple designs are a treasure from our beautiful Indian Temples. With the fine details of god and goddess, these are soulful sets for every bride.
  • The Diamond Mangalsutra – Diamonds are a game changer. Keeping it simple and elegant, this style comes with a gorgeous diamond pendant woven in black beads. You can even customize the size according to your preferences.

Conclusion –

Wedding jewellery is extremely important for every Indian bride. Coming in varied combinations and designs, they help elevate the bridal look. So, what are you waiting for, shop your bridal jewellery with online dil ke deals now!

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