Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder Review

Hi Friend, today I am reviewing Bonjour Paris pearl powder. Bonjour in French means greetings like Hello, have a good day, hence this is a French brand, a sister concern under L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal Paris has many sub brands under it and this is one of them which is not too much marketed out here so a less known one. Basically brand Bonjour is not very popular brand here. The shade I am referring is PL-04. But in cosmetic shops you will find a full range of cosmetic products of this brand. When I ran out of my face powder and badly wanted one, I was shown this particular pearl powder along with some good face powder. I found this a unique powder and hence bought it instantly. Let us know more about this product using Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder Review.
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Pearl powder is kind of a universal product. You can blend it in eye shadow to add shimmer effect to the eye lids; you can also add it in blush to add that striking glittering effect to your cheeks. I even blend it little in my usual face powder to get the perfect party look. It might be added in lip color especially when we want to look special and it is best suitable for brides and girls who are into performing arts especially dance. I use this product limpidly only during wedding functions and night parties and that too blending it in my eye shadow and sometimes in my blush. The effect is just awesome. Only thing we should be careful that we should not go overboard with it or else the look will become classy. Limited usage only gives great effect.

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Price: Rs. 225/-

Key ingredients: Not mentioned on the box.

Direction of using:  

Use this pearl powder by blending it with your blush, face powder or eye shadow and play with your shimmering make up look as per your occasions.

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Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacturing. (As told by seller)

Color: Shimmering pearl color.

Smell : No particular smell

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What Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder Claims

The Bonjour Pearl Powder makes skin radiant. It claims to give a glittering effect to your look making you stand in the crowd with radiance.

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My experience with Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder

The product comes in a round plastic see through box with tub type screw up cap. The pack is included with an extra perforated thin lid to avoid wastage of the powder, still wastage occurs. The Pearl powder is available in many shades. Mine is a PL-04. This shade has a tinge of gold shimmers in it. The pack lacks in providing the important information printed on it and also its not leak proof so, it is difficult to carry around. Whenever I use it I keep it tightly screwed it but still some powder spreads everywhere hence this is one major problem with its packing. Rest if used carefully, can run for long period or else leads to wastage to certain extent. The quantity is quite impressive and actually can run very long. I just loved its effects when blended with different make-up articles.

In short Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder is good only when used with different make-up items but in moderation, if we go overboard with it, then the whole look may look crass and strict no-no for day time functions or else the shine will create a damn disappointing look.

Good about Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder

  • A good glittering powder substitute
  • Gives radiant skin
  • Creates a rich and shimmering look for night parties and weddings
  • Ideal for bridal make-up
  • Can be blended in various make-up items like eye shadows, blush, face powder etc
  • Affordable and harmless on the skin

Bad about Bonjour Paris Pearl Powder

  • Not travel friendly. Defective packaging leads to wastage of product and messy vanity case with shimmers everywhere.
  • Limited usage as everyone may not like shimmer effects.
  • Not suitable for all. Every one may not be confident in using and carrying off the look.
  • Suitable only for night parties. A strict no-no for day occasions.
  • If gone overboard with the look, can make one look crass and un-classy.

Availability:  Availability is medium, available in selected cosmetics stores.

Fashion and Beauty Ratings: 3/5 ♥♥♥

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  1. its great for highlighting browbones and creating similar looks 🙂 this is amazingly good!!!!!

  2. seems good to me!!

  3. i am already stuck with a shimmery product!

  4. Looks like one might easily go overboard and end up looking like a disco ball.

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