Body Care Face Massager

Hi all 🙂 Today I am sharing something interesting with you, and its Body Care Face Massager. Last year I was going through the Tv channels, when I suddenly passed by the  home shop 18 channel, they were promoting the brand called Salon Style Perfect Home Facial with Body care face massager.  I thought the whole range was excellent and would be too good  to be skin care. The host of the show ,convinced it to me, Its full face and body massager kit. so today I am reviewing Body Care Face Massager, hope you will enjoy it.
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Body Care Face Massager

Importance of Face and Body Massage  

Facial massages are always known for improving the circulation to the skin and rejuvenating the face. Facial massage is like natural therapy that can give our face glow and even skin tone. Just like any other type of massages, it gives a relaxing feeling, relieves tension and promotes good circulation of the blood to your face and body. It is also called an anti-aging treatment because it reduces wrinkles and tightens facial muscles. Facial massage also normalize the moisture balance of the skin, helps in reducing impurities and toxins and increase radiance.

Body Care Face Massager 1

Body Care Face Massager is  Steady, rhythmic pressure in certain areas leads the blood to fully infuse the skin tissue, leaving it nourished and glowing, also prevent wrinkles and stop skin from sagging. The three different attachments are defined for different degree of pressure on the skin ranging from smooth & gentle to deep & intense depending on the skin type, need & preference.


Price : Rs.899/-

Warranty : 3 yrs shelf life of facial and 3 months warranty of face massager of manufacturing defect.

Body Care Face Massager 4Body Care Face Massager 5

Body Care Face Massager is very handy and small massager which really gives best experience of body and face massage. With this Body Care Face Massager I can take anytime anywhere massage with just on off switch. When Body Care Face Massager switched on, its create vibration which  gives massage feeling to our face and body. This massager I can easily carries in my hand bag because of its small size. With help of Body Care Face Massager i can take face, head, neck, shoulder, feet, leg massage easily and its works best with facial step procedure’s also.

Maximum of 20 minutes is enough for your face and body. People with sensitive skin should be treated carefully.

Body Care Face Massager won’t harm your skin at all

Overall its good massager i ever seen 🙂

Body Care Face Massager 6

Availability – Easily available on homeshop18 website 

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  1. I am so tempted to purchase it..

  2. this is totally worth it 🙂

  3. Looks a promising product indeed..nicely reveiwed

  4. It is worth buying but Is it work on other body parts also like other body massagers?

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