hey friends, today i have blackhead related content for all you beauties. Blackheads are dark spots that develop on the surface of skin, due to the clogging of pores. Usually, they take place on the forehead, nose, and chin. But otherwise, they can appear on any part of the face. If not attended at the right time, they can take an ugly shape in the form of acne scars. The occurrence of face black heads can be attributed to the constant production of an oily substance called sebum, secreted from sebaceous glands. In medical terms, black heads are known as Comedowns, Face Blackhead.


Symptoms of Blackhead

•Occurrence of acne scars
•Coarse and moldy skin
•Enlargement of pores
•Flaky skin
•Makeup doesn’t stay
Reason for Black Heads: Blackheads are caused by pores blocked with oil. We tend to believe that the black appearance is due to dirt, but in fact, it is simply oil or sebum which has turned black due to the oxidizing effect. While it is easy to clean the surface of our face, making sure that our pores are clean takes a little more work than just a perfunctory splash of water.
•Oily skin
•Blockage of pores
•Poor cleansing routine
•Hardened sebaceous secretion

Tips to remove blackheads

Removal strips: – Blackhead removal strips are readily available at all major departmental stores. All you need to do is to wet the strip, place the strip on your nose, which is where blackheads are very likely to form, leave it on till it dries completely, and peel it off.
Steam: – You could also try removing blackheads yourself, but make sure you are gentle, or you may cause scarring. Steam your face for around ten minutes with a steamer, or by placing your face over a vessel of boiling water if you do not have a steamer. Form a tent with your towel over your head and around the bowl, to trap the steam. This opens and softens pores, and makes the blackheads easier to remove. Then take a wad of cotton in both hands, and use the cotton to gently squeeze out the blackheads.
Exfoliate: – Make sure the blackheads don’t reappear by exfoliate your skin with a face scrub, to get rid of dead skin so they do not block pores. Use it on your nose, or wherever you have blackheads. Scrub the area gently. Do not be too harsh as you may cause further damage.
While you need exfoliate your face only twice a week, many women have reported that their blackheads on their nose have totally disappeared after they started using a face scrub on their nose on a daily basis.
Homemade face scrub: – You could purchase a face scrub from the market, or make one at home. Beat up the white of an egg, and add a tablespoon of salt. Apply to your face with your fingertips, massaging gently. Wait for it to dry, and wash off with warm water. You could also make a scrub by adding salt to a lemon and honey mixture. After scrubbing your face, apply a little yogurt to soothe your complexion and balance the pH level.

How to remove blackhead

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Home Remedies for Blackheads

•Drink 6-8 glass of water and eat a sensible diet.
•Take a piece of tomato and rub it on your face for removing blackheads.
•In 3-4 cup boiled water, add 2 tsp of soda bicarbonate. Steam a towel with this. Thereafter, place the towel gently on your face. Do it for about 5-6 times. Make a paste by mixing 1 tsp curd and 1 tsp rice flour. Apply the paste on the affected area. After some time, wash your face with cold water.
•Soak cotton wool in pure lemon juice, and apply on blackhead area.
•Take a pinch of soft portion of glycerin soap and mix with a pinch of table salt. Apply this mixture on the blackheads. Do it for about a week and see the magical results.
•Take about 1 tsp of juice extracted from fresh coriander leaves and add ½ tsp of turmeric powder in it. Apply this mixture while going to bed. Wash your face the next morning with cold water.
•Make a paste by mixing 1 tsp lime juice and 1 tsp of finely powdered cinnamon. Apply it on the affected area before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning.
•Clay masks used regularly helps pull out trapped oil and dead skin ,blackhead.
•Make sure you wash off all traces of makeup before turning in for the night. Never, ever go to bed with make-up still on, as it contributes to blocking pores, and will lead to pimples and blackheads.
•Avoid using oil-based make-up if you have oily skin and are prone to developing blackheads.
•These are temporary remedies, and blackheads will keep re-appearing unless you target the source. Make sure you keep your skin clean, by cleansing, toning and moisturizing it twice a day.
•Do not apply makeup if your face is sweating. Always clean your face before applying make-up.

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