Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream Review

Hello Readers, I am going to share Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream Review with you all. Who does not like soft and smooth palms? Whether it is your big day and all you need is a confident handshake to nail it or hold the hand of your loved one and express what you feel for him, the most important tool you need is soft hands. While winter starts to play havoc, it is time to start early, nourish and repair the hands with a lightweight yet promising cream.

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream Review

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream is an ayurvedic medicine formulated with the goodness of manjshta, sun flower oil, red sandalwood etc. It has intense nourishing and moisturizing properties which protects the hands from infections and dryness like issues. Biotique has one of the best distribution strategies because they are everywhere; you name a mall, a local shop or a website which does not have their stock. So like other Biotique products this one is easy to get access to, online as well as offline. So let’s check out Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream Review to find out more about the product.

Price of Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream : Rs.220/- for 50 gm

Direction for use :

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream direction for use

Ingredients :
Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream ingredient

Shelf life: 3 years

Color : Pink

Smell: Baby products

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream opening

What Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream claims

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream claims

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream swatch

My experience with Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream comes packed in the plastic jar which is in the signature color of Biotique i.e. green. There is a second lid under the main one which ensures the products hygiene. The price quoted is reasonable as one hardly needs a wee bit per use to hydrate the hands. Hand creams might look unnecessary but women with dry hands seriously need to slather layers of a non sticky hand cream and not a greasy body butter to get relief from dryness.

The consistency it has is butter smooth which is easy to apply. One needs to dig out a little quantity and then massage it by rubbing the palms together. After covering the palms, one must apply the remaining in between the fingers. The product being light and non greasy gets absorbed almost instantly and skin looks plump. There is no slippery feeling, one can continue with any chore without having to wait any longer.

The best part is that with regular use the hands remain soft and hydrated. Twice a day is good enough but mature and extra dry skin might need more hydration so initially it is better to apply more frequently and once the skin is repaired, rate of the reapplication can be reduced. There is no doubt on its effectiveness as it delivers what it promises without burning hole in your pocket. This is a must have if you are a sucker for baby products (as this hand cream smells like one and the winters are making your hands worse).

Overall Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream is an amazing natural hand cream which penetrates deep into the skin thus nourishing and repairing dry hands.

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Good about Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream

  • Relieves hands of dryness
  • Repairs and protects hands to make them soft
  • Ayurvedic formulation
  • Non sticky
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not need frequent reapplication
  • Affordable

Bad about?Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream

  • Does not really help in curing skin infections

Availability: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5

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  1. i have never used hand creams… bought one from fab India but didn’t find it worthwhile… but this surely looks tempting

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