Best Makeup Products and Makeup tips for Dry skin

Hi All, Today my post is Best Makeup Products and Makeup tips for Dry skin. Dry skin is big problem during winter but yes people with dry skin is also having problem in summer and monsoon. You can’t change your skin type because you were born with a type of skin, It may be oily, dry or normal skin. To solve our skin type problem, each cosmetic companies brings product for all skin types so it is important for us to know which product is good for my skin type. In this post, I am specifically talking Dry skin and listing out product that you can use on dry skin and also I am listing steps to do makeup for Dry skin. So girls have a look at my post Best Makeup Products and Makeup tips for Dry skin.

Best Makeup Products and Makeup tips for Dry skin

  1. Before applying makeup on dry skin the first and the foremost thing to do is to clean your skin with a creamy and moisturising face wash and then apply moisturiser at least 5 minutes before applying makeup. A moisturiser prepares our skin for makeup and restores its elasticity and makes it supple so that makeup doesn’t look patchy. Good moisturizer for Dry Skin – Patanjali Moisturizer Cream , Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer , Clean and clear Moisturizer
  2. The next step is to apply a face primer to smooth out the skin and cover the dry patches if any. Primer makes sure that the makeup stay put for long. It makes skin smooth and even to achieve a flawless look.Good Face Primer for Dry Skin –  Bourjois Paris Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer
  3. Always choose creamy or liquid concealers and foundations for dry skin as they impart a dewy finish to the skin. Avoid concealers/foundation that come as sticks as they are matte in texture and are difficult to blend in the skin. You can always add a drop of moisturizer to your foundation for that subtle glow without looking OTT. Good Creamy concealer For Dry Skin – Lotus Natural Blend Make up Stick
  4. Use a setting powder just enough to keep your makeup in place. Loose powders can make skin dry too pressed powders are less drying so those who have dry skin can use pressed powders. Also there are powders that come with hydrating benefits for dry skins so do check them out. Good Pressed powder For Dry Skin – Faces Canada Silken Finish Pressed Powder
  5. When it comes to glow how we can forget our cheeks. Always use a cream blush on your cheeks if you have dry skin. Skip the powder ones as they are best suited for normal and oily skin types. Powdery makeup will cake up on dry skin and draw attention to lines, creases and wrinkles. While using cream blush resist using your fingers as they can contaminate the blush pot rather use a brush or sanitize your hands. Good Cream blush For Dry Skin – Maybelline Dream Touch Blush Shade 04,
  6. For your eyes cream eye shadows are the best as they don’t cake up or crease on the dry skin around the eyes. They are easy to blend and stay for long. However it is advised to take care of your eyes the most if you have dry skin and use an eye cream as the signs of aging appear first on the delicate skin around eyes.Good Eye shadow for dry skin – Maybelline color tattoo, Faces Canada Eye shadow Quad 
  7. Always choose creamy lipsticks or glosses for that lovely pout rather than the matte ones. Matte lipsticks can be drying sometimes and will make the lips dry furthermore. Using a lip balm before applying lipstick also helps.Good Lipstick for Dry lips – Faces Canada moist lipstick , Maybelline Lip Polish 

So these were some of the makeup products for dry skin but it is advised to take care of your skin. Exfoliate and, moisturize it well. Drink lots of water and use moisturizer. Till then take care girls.

About Heena Khurana

Heena is born and brought up in Delhi. She is a teacher by profession with Masters Degree in English Literature and also a makeup enthusiast. She is a mother of 5 year old girl and loves to spend time with her. She is passionate about reading books and writing. Makeup is her new found love and she loves exploring new makeup and fashion trends. Once naive to makeup she is now a pro at it and never leaves home without some colour on lips and gleam in eyes.


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