Best Black Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a very popular custom of our Indian sub continent. Mehndi is considered to be a sign of good luck. Our weddings and festivals are not complete without the auspicious touch of mehndi. Mehndi can be of various types depending on design and color. The most common variant of mehndi is dark red or brownish mehndi. However, black mehndi can also be seen. Black mehndi is prepared by mixing chemicals or dye with brown mehndi which produces a darker brown color and also stays for longer time. Black mehndi is also known as Chemical mehndi. These days, black mehndi has become quite popular among young girls. Check out my post on best black mehndi designs.
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best black mehndi designs

Black mehndi is generally used fillers, outlines or shades along with traditional brown mehndi. It creates a special color effect and gives a extraordinary touch to an otherwise ordinary mehndi. But these days, using black mehndi alone has become a trend. Black mehndi is mostly used in Arabic mehndi designs. These days black mehndi designs are quite in vogue, because they look quite different from usual brown mehndi and gives a modern touch to our traditional mehndi designs. Even, black mehndi designs are gaining popularity as bridal mehndi because they look great on fair skin. In this post, we have shared a few best black mehndi designs.

Black mehndi design 1

best black mehndi design 1

This beautiful black mehndi design is inspired by Arabic pattern. This design looks great on both front and back of the hand. Floral motifs, lines and a few swirls have created this super elegant design and dots have been used to beautify the bare space, which has given it a classy look. The sharp black color here has given this mehndi a tattoo like style. Using other colors in combination with black has definitely making the hands look very pretty.

Black mehndi design 2

best black mehndi design 2

Here is another great black mehndi design. This design has been created only on the arm, which is actually pretty different from the usual front and back hand designs. Very simple floral motifs and a few leafy patterns have been used here. This beautiful black mehndi design looks like a fusion between western style tattoos and our traditional mehndi. With this mehndi design in a party or wedding, you are sure to catch a lot of eyes.

Black mehndi design 3

best black mehndi design 3

This is an Arabic black mehndi design. It is a traditional mehndi design with a modern touch. Floral patterns, few swirls, thich and thin lines and a little bit of shading has made this black mehndi design a very appealing one. This mehndi will instantly glam up your festive look for sure.

Black mehndi design 4

best black mehndi design 4

Another beautiful black mehndi design with a lot of intricate detailing. Few abstract patterns, peacock faces, lots of half circles, triangles and few other geometrical shapes together have taken the shape of this amazing mehndi design.

Black mehndi design 5

best black mehndi design 5

This is one of the best black mehndi design for bridal occasions. Sharp black color, intricate design and the bright nail paint has given this a very glamorous look. The design looks so beautiful and it seems like jewellery painted on feet.

Black mehndi design 6

best black mehndi design 6

This is another exquitly beautiful black mehendi design. This looks a little different from traditional intricate mehndi design. With lots of floral designs, few leafy patterns and some swirls & curls, this is a gorgeous black mehndi design for any occasion.

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Whether used as fillers, outlines or by itself, black mehndi looks beautiful. Its uniqueness lies in being trendy yet classy. So hope you liked reading this article. See you all with another new post very soon 🙂

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  1. no 6 design is so awesome 🙂 loved it and unique too

  2. Wow such tempting designs 🙂

  3. I Love all the designs. I am amazed at how fast the ladies can do these designs.. they are true artists. When I went to India for a wedding, we had them done and it was a wonderful experience. The ladies took a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice, sugar and water and dabbed the design to make sure the henna soaked in. They were telling us, that the darker the henna is on a bride the more her husband loves her. ? thanks for sharing this beautiful post

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