Benz O’vera Lotion Review

Benz O’vera Lotion Review – A good quality moisturizing lotion is a winter essential. Recently I got my hands on Benz O’vera Lotion. I have dry skin, hence I use moisturizer all year around to keep my skin well hydrated and nourished. However, dry and cold winter weather calls for intense hydration, specially for dry skin. Every winter, I keep on searching for new moisturizers to combat skin dryness. These days I am using this Benz O’vera Lotion which I received in my November 2016 Lady Raga Bag. This was totally a new product for me. I never heard about this brand before and so when I saw this in my Lady Raga Bag, I got super excited and could not wait to try it out.

Benz O'vera Lotion Review

Benz O’vera Lotion Review

Benz O’vera Lotion contains Aloe vera. We already know that aloe vera works like magic for dry skin. Aloe vera straight from the plant is wonderful, but even if you are buying any commercially prepared lotion to relieve skin dryness, make sure it has aloe vera listed among the first few ingredient. Apart from aloe vera, Benz O’vera Lotion contains moisturizing cream to heal dry skin and leave you with soft, supple and glowing skin. To know how it works, check my Benz O’vera Lotion Review below.

Benz O'vera Lotion

Benz O'vera Lotion packaging

Price of Benz O’vera Lotion :

Rs,108/- for 50 ml

Direction for use : Use after bath to keep skin healthy day after day.

Benz O’vera Lotion Ingredients :
Benz O'vera Lotion ingredients

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : white

Smell : slightly medicated smell

Benz O'vera Lotion opening

What Benz O’vera Lotion claims

This rich creamy lotion contains the natural goodness of Aloe Vera and moisturising cream. Easily absorbed by skin, relieves skin dryness and nourishes skin to give it soft, smooth and glowing with health.

Benz O'vera Lotion claims

Benz O'vera Lotion swatch

My experience with Benz O’vera Lotion

Benz O’vera Lotion comes in a simple plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The bottle bears all the product related information, like ingredients, claims etc. The output hole dispenses just the right amount of lotion and so there is no product wastage. The bottle is quite sturdy and can be carried easily while travelling.

Benz O’vera Lotion is white in color and has great consistency, neither too thick nor runny. It has a mild medicated smell which I don’t really like. The lotion is completely non greasy and spreads easily on the skin. It gets absorbed into the skin instantly after application. I use this lotion immediately after shower and it makes my skin soft and smooth and locks the moisture in. Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera and moisturising cream base, Benz O’vera Lotion gives relief from skin dryness and keeps my skin smooth and supple for a long time.

I haven’t used it on my face yet, but I guess it would be equally effective for face as well. Benz O’vera Lotion hasn’t irritated my skin, there is no redness or any itching at all. The lotion doesn’t contain any SPF, so one has to apply sunscreen separately with this. The lotion is very gentle and apt for all skin types.

Overall, I am quite happy with Benz O’vera Lotion. It contains the goodness of aloe vera and keeps my skin soft, supple and nicely moisturized for a long time, specially when I use it immediately after bath. The formula is quite gentle on skin and totally non-irritating. I would love to recommend this lotion for all dry skin people out there.

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Good about Benz O’vera Lotion

  • Nice, sturdy packaging
  • Good consistency
  • Contains aloe vera
  • Spreads easily on the skin
  • Gets absorbed fast
  • Provides intense hydration
  • Relieves skin dryness
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Works best when used right after shower

Bad about Benz O’vera Lotion

  • Medicated smell
  • Not available easily
  • Doesn’t contain SPF

Availability : not easy

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 4.3/5

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