Benefits of Vitamin B12 for Skin and Hair

Women are multi-taskers. They have to balance home, children, career and what not. After fulfilling every responsibility she forgets herself. This happens to all of us and thus we need something to take care of our health. Some help can be seeked from vitamin supplements and here is one of them. Vitamin B12 also known as Cycobemin, collectively known as Vitamin B complex is important to keep an array of diseases at bay. Vitamin B12 can be stored in the liver for years. Here is a great piece of news for non vegetarians who have a low risk of suffering from deficiency of B12 as meat, eggs, fish and seafood are a rich source of vitamin B 12. Even vegetarians can reap benefits of Vitamin B12 from dairy products and breakfast cereals. A severe deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause loss of skin problems like dry flaky skin, bad hair health, loss of memory, early aging, insomnia, depression, heart problems and at times increase the risks of cancer. Thus to maintain good health everyone must intake adequate quantities of foods rich in Vitamin B12 to keep health risks at bay. The Benefits of Vitamin B12 for Skin and Hair

Beauty Benefits of Vitamin B12

  1. Cell formation: Vitamin B12 helps in production, maintenance and repair of red blood cells. Unless cells are renewed no injury would be healed and life would come to a stand still.
  2. Dull dry skin: Not even makeup can conceal flaky skin, no matter how many layers are applied the product nothing seems to blend into dehydrated skin. Vitamin B12 prevents this flakiness of the skin.
  3. Treats Eczema: Eczema is another skin issue which causes flaky dry skin and cause irritations too.
  4. Anti-pigmentation– There are a host of anti pigmentation creams in the market but few keep up to their promise. Why not include vitamin B12 in your diet and keep hyper pigmentation at bay.
  5. Pernicious Anemia– Anemic patients have a pale skin tone which does not get camouflaged with makeup. Vitamin B12 sources can treat anemia and impart an even skin tone.
  6. Anti-Vitiligo– Vitiligo causes big or small white patchy skin. Once occurred it takes years to get healed and sometimes even gets passed on from mother to child. These white patches are itchy and take away the self confidence of a person.
  7. Restores Youth: Who likes to age early so why not include sources of vitamin B12 in your regular diet to conceal your real age.

Vitamin B12 also has some mind blowing benefits for healthy nails and hair:

  1. Excessive hair loss can be treated using supplements of vitamin B 12. In fact it provides essential nutrients to the follicles of hair, thus aiding in growth of hair.
  2. Stronger nails: Most women like to flaunt long nails while brittle nails are a major obstacle to this problem. Vitamin B12 strengthens nails and one can style them as per desire when they are healthy.

 When we are reaping beauty benefits how can we forget the overall benefits on the body:

  1. Boosts Memory: Today’s women are known for their beauty with brains. So a strong memory helps to balance every aspect of life from household to work.
  2. Anti-anxiety: Many women seem to panic and stress at every little confusion. Vitamin B12 controls the fluctuations of hormones and keeps mood swings at bay.
  3. Strengthens bones: In order to remain healthy and active one needs strong bones and get rid of osteoporosis.
  4. Anti-lethargy– Even laziness can be wiped out with the help of vitamin B12.
  5. Anti-depression– In today’s fast life stress and depression are side effects of the comfortable lives we lead. Depression can be fought much easily if our diet contains adequate vitamin B12.
  6. For a healthy pregnancy vitamin B12 is inevitable. It cuts down the risk of giving birth to a child with serious birth defects.
  7. Anti cholesterol and healthy heart – Cholesterol gives that lumpy skin at the corner of the eyes which is a serious beauty disorder. Higher cholesterol also gets redirects higher heart risks.
  8. Anti cancer– One of the most raved about benefits is vitamin B12 cuts down risks of causing cancer to a great extent.
  9. Provides a good night’s sleep– Vitamin B12 helps acquire a tight sleep which rejuvenates the body, skin and hair. A good sleep itself is the solution to an array of diseases

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