Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage

Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage – Hi Girls! Today my post is about Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage. If we talk about essential oil, you may be familiar with this word just because most of the therapies and facial now included the use of essential oil. Essential oils affect the body through affection and easily gets sip into the body. We cannot deny the fact that raw essential oil used directly over skin can be more beneficial than using them and diluting with some fairness cream, this is because the molecules of essential oil are much smaller, which gets into the skin epidermis easily. Here we mention you about Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage.

Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage

What is Essential Oil?

Essential Oil

Essential oil is also known as volatile oil due to containing high amount of volatile compound in concentrated form. Mostly the oil is been extracted from that indigenous plant and used over skin and health in undiluted manner. However, the physical process required for extraction of oil is distillation (with the help of steam or water) or by cold pressing, which is unique method mostly used to extract oil from orange peels (or any other skin). However, it is not necessary the oil is extracted just from the plant; it can be from anywhere like the leaves, flowers, barks, roots or etc.

Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage

Helps to Improve Blood Circulation

Massaging every alternative day or even once in a week, can help to improve the blood circulation in the body and this is one of the best essential oil benefits. The friction caused by massaging heats up the body and which relax the nerves and blood vessels in the body, further leading to improved blood circulation.

Relaxes Body and Mind

It is often believed when a person body is massaged using oil, pressure is applied to specific points and notes which in results tend to calm down and relax the human body for some time. It also leads to improved functioning.

Advantages of using Essential Oil for Body Massage

Stress Free Mind

Due to more than 30 pressure points, the body tends to relax only when these pressure points are relaxed and calmed down. The points are so much closer to brain, glands, pancreas and different specific organ, which leads to a stress free mind.

Reverse the Ageing Signs

To get the maximum benefit from an essential oil, it is necessary to choose proper oil for massage. While most of the body massage oils have the quality to fade away the wrinkles and fine lines over skin. It helps to reverse the ageing signs over skin and body.

Promotes proper functioning of Organs

Apart from various other benefits mentioned above, massaging can also help to improve functioning of organs. It helps to increase the blood circulation, relaxes the hormones and also allows the heart beat to relax. You can find a improved condition in proper functioning of organs.

Using Essential Oil for Body Massage

Smooth Skin

Various essential oil helps to smooth the skin by fading the scar or marks over them and also reverse the aging signs over skin. Massaging with oil is greater in keeping the skin moisturized and also avoids dryness. Besides improving skin, it also helps to improve the eye sight and strains.

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To Improve Metabolism

There are massages for body and stomach as well. Massaging the stomach with essential oil helps to improve the digestion and metabolism process. It also helps to heal gastric issues in the body. Studies have also known improvement in proper secretion of juices in the body. Due to proper metabolism, essential oil has proved in aiding better and deeper sleep.

Essential Oil for skin

Get rid of dead Skin easily

Essential oil has capability to vacuum out the dead cells easily. It also helps to rejuvenate the skin by speeding up the process of cell renewal. When oil is rubbed on some areas, the dirt can automatically get rid due to the essential oil. Essential oil is mostly concentrated on build up areas like underarms, back, knees, elbows. It also aids in getting rid of toxins from the body easily.

These were few Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Body Massage. Hope you like it 🙂

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