Benefits of Using Curd for Hair Care – Different Ways to Use

Benefits of Using Curd for Hair Care – Different Ways to Use – Curd is one of the most easily available things in Indian household. Not only it is used for cooking, but curd is also used to wish someone luck before going out for an important work. Curd can also cool down our body, specially during summer. And, if we start talking about its benefits for our skin and hair, well, that’ll be hard to stop! To keep it short and simple, this article will only focus on the benefits and uses of curd for hair care. Curd is not only a great DIY homemade hair conditioner for soft, silky, shiny locks, but it can get you rid of stubborn dandruff as well. Regular application of curd can give you healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. It can also boost your hair growth. To know more about benefits of curd for hair care, read the article below.
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Benefits of Using Curd for Hair Care

Acts as a Hair Conditioner

Curd has great moisturizing benefits, that’s why it is often used as a natural conditioner for our hair. With regular use, curd can smoothen dry and coarse hair effectively as well as add a beautiful shine to our locks. Hair looks shiny and feels silky to touch.

Replenishes Lost Protein

Our hair is made of keratin, which is a type of protein. Basically, protein is the main building block for our hair and any kind of protein loss affects our hair badly.

It can result in hair fall, weak hair and extremely dry hair as well. The only way to get back soft and shiny hair is by replenishing the lost protein.

Being a by-product of milk, curd is a great source of beneficial proteins as well as lactic acid, both of which provide nourishment and help repair dry and damaged hair.

Along with protein and lactic acid, curd is loaded with various vitamins and minerals, that also help nourishing the scalp and hair follicles, and repair the damages. This in turn, not only boosts hair texture but also promotes hair growth.

Combats Dandruff

If you wish to have healthy and soft hair, it is important to take care of your scalp health, because healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp.

Dandruff is a common yet one of the worst enemies for our hair. Fungal infection on the scalp is often the main factor that cause dandruff.

Curd contains probiotics, the good bacteria that help to treat dandruff as well as other scalp infections. The anti inflammatory qualities of curd help soothing the irritation and inflammation of the scalp caused by dandruff.

The moisturizing benefits of curd also play a vital role in keeping dandruff away. Lactic acid in curd exfoliates, nourishes as well as hydrates our scalp and helps stay it dandruff free.

Boosts Scalp Health

Dry and itchy scalp is a major problem for many of us. If you are also suffering from the same, give curd a try. When applied on the scalp, curd moisturizes and gives relief from the dryness and itchiness of the scalp.

Moreover, lactic acid, an AHA, present in curd helps in exfoliating the scalp and removes the impurities, which results in clean and healthy scalp. Also, lactic acid provides a boost of moisturization and nourishment to enhance our scalp health.

Reduces Hair Fall and Helps with Hair Growth

Curd has anti oxidant properties as well, which help to curb hair fall by protecting our hair and scalp from free radical damages. The anti oxidant compounds also help repairing hair texture by improving collagen production and combating free radical damages.

Lactic acid found in curd exfoliates and helps in unblocking the clogged hair follicles by removing the build up and impurities, which can otherwise cause severe hair loss.

Also it can maintain scalp’s natural pH balance, which is mandatory to prevent hair fall.

Not only stopping hair loss and improving hair texture, but the proteins and nutrient rich curd also helps in nourishing the hair follicles and induce new hair growth.

The moisturizing, hydrating and anti fungal benefits of curd keep the scalp healthy and facilitate hair growth. curd is rich in vitamin B, D and proteins which also help to grow long hair.

How to Use Curd for Hair Care

1. Simple Curd Remedy

How to use?

Take a cup of fresh curd and whisk it using a fork until it turns thick and fluffy. Apply the whisked curd all over the scalp as well as hair and gently massage with your fingertips for few minutes.

Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for an hour before rinsing off with a mild shampoo. Repeat this simple remedy once or twice in a week.

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2. Curd and Coconut Oil for Hair Care

How to use curd and coconut oil for hair care?

Add 2-3 tbsp of pure coconut oil to half a cup of fresh curd. Mix the two ingredients together and prepare a hair mask. Apply that all over the hair as well scalp, massaging gently with fingertips.

Continue massaging for few minutes and then let the mask stay for 30-40 minutes. Rinse off using a mild shampoo. Repeat this remedy with coconut oil and curd for hair care once or twice in a week.

Benefits –

Coconut oil is a must have ingredient to get healthy hair. It contains a high amount of fatty acids, that provide moisturization and nourishment to hair as well as scalp.

These fatty acids are highly effective to repair the dryness of hair and scalp and restore soft, shiny, smooth and healthy hair naturally.

In addition, there are other nutrients present in coconut oil, that help to enhance our overall hair health.

We know, loss of moisture is the major reason that makes our hair dry and dehydrated. However, excess moisture build up can also ruin our hair texture.

Fortunately, coconut oil can prevent both of these. Along with adding adequate moisturization, coconut oil forms a protective layer on the hairs and helps to prevent moisture loss as well.

Coconut oil can penetrate the hair follicles deeply and repair the hair damages from within. Regular use of coconut oil is a great way to rejuvenate dry, dull and lack luster hair.

Rich in anti oxidants, coconut oil also helps repairing hair damages caused by free radicals as well as various environmental elements.

The anti oxidant compounds protect our hair from a number of problems, including dry, dull hair, split ends, hair breakage, premature graying of hair etc. Vitamin E present in coconut oil helps to protect hair from UV damage.

Regular scalp massage with coconut oil helps in boosting blood circulation in the scalp. This results in better flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles, which helps to nourish the hair follicles and make the hair stronger and healthy.

Furthermore, coconut oil is the source of omega 6 as well as Omega 9 fatty acids. Both these fatty acids are must to keep hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Plus the anti bacterial as well as the anti fungal benefits of coconut oil promote healthy scalp by treating dandruff and other scalp infections. This in turn, creates healthy environment for healthy hair growth.

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3. Curd and Raw Honey for Hair Care

How to use curd and raw honey for hair care?

Take half a cup of fresh curd and mix the same with 1-2 tbsp raw honey. Apply this resultant mixture on the hair as well as scalp. Massage gently with your fingertips for some time.

Wear a shower cap. Leave it on the hair for another 30-40 minutes, before rinsing off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this hair mask with curd and raw honey once or twice in a week.

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Benefits –

Raw honey is highly beneficial to repair dry hair, because of its deep conditioning benefits. Moreover, raw honey is a natural humectant, that absorbs moisture from the air and seals it in to the hair strands.

This helps to moisturize dry hair strands. Along with that, raw honey prevents moisture loss by coating the hair strands and improves our hair texture.

Raw honey is loaded with nutrients. It is a source of several vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, B3 B5 as well as B6.

Along with that, raw honey comes with minerals, such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc etc. They provide nourishment to repair the hair damages and rejuvenate hair texture.

Along with vitamins and minerals, raw honey contains multiple anti oxidants. They fight off the free radical damages, such as hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, dry scalp etc.

Also they prevent hair damages caused by environmental elements such as UV damage, pollution, dry weather etc. Regular use of raw honey makes hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Raw honey helps to exfoliate as well. Our hair can become rough and dull because of build up created by dirt, dust, oil and hair styling products.

Such build up on our scalp is also common and it can affect our hair as well as scalp health badly.

Raw honey contains an AHA (gluconic acid) as well as several other natural enzymes, that help exfoliating the hair and scalp to remove the build up and restore soft, smooth, shiny and healthy hair naturally.

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4. Curd and Coffee for Hair Care

How to use curd and coffee for hair care?

Take half a cup of fresh curd and add a tbsp of coffee powder to that. Mix together nicely and apply it all over the scalp.

Gently massage for few minutes and wait for next 30-40 minutes before rinsing off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this curd and coffee hair mask once or twice every week.

Benefits –

Coffee works great to combat hair loss, specially male pattern baldness. One of the major factors that lead to male pattern baldness is DHT hormone or dihydrotestosterone hormone.

It attacks the hair follicles, make them smaller gradually and finally they disappear over time. This affects our hair growth and density and leads to baldness.

Caffeine present in coffee help suppressing DHT hormone and stimulate the hair roots to grow new hair.

Plus the anti oxidants present in coffee help blocking the free radicals and stimulate healthy cell growth, thus contributing to healthy hair growth.

According to studies, caffeine has the ability to stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes (keratin producing cells). The hair matrix, that produces the hair shaft is a very important part of our hair follicle.

The hair matrix produces keratin, which is the building block of our hair. By stimulating the reproduction of keratin producing cells, caffeine helps to improve our hair growth and structure.

Studies have also shown that, caffeine can block the action of phosphodiesterase, an enzyme, that plays a crucial role in alopecia. Thus coffee helps to fight off hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Coffee is rich in nutrients, which strengthen the hair shafts and make the hair shinier. Regular use of coffee hair mask can strengthen the cell structure of our hair follicles and this in turn, makes hair softer.

Coffee helps to darken our natural hair color. It works best for those with black or brown hair color.

Coffee powder, being grainy in texture, helps to exfoliate out scalp and remove the impurities. These impurities, if not removed on time, block the growth of new hair follicles.

It helps in strengthening the hair roots by improving blood circulation in the scalp. Better blood circulation ensures proper flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the hair follicles for their nourishment.

These were 4 awesome uses of curd for hair. Do you like putting curd on hair or prefer to keep it only for your tummy? Let us know below in the comments.

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