Benefits of Cold Shower

Showering is the most essential part of our daily health routine. Showering removes the impurities from our body and makes us feel clean and refreshed. Some of us prefer hot showers and some love cold showers. But do you know, showering has major impacts on our body, skin, hair depending on which one you prefer – hot or cold shower! Most of us actually stay away from regular cold showers especially during winter, thinking it might affect our health. But the fact is that cold shower actually has many health benefits. So check out my post on benefits of cold shower.

benefits of cold shower

Cold shower is something quire dreadful to us especially during winter and we might never put ourselves through it at our own will. But cold shower has proven to have amazing effect on our overall health and well being. In ancient time there was a medical treatment called hydrotherapy which was basically using cold shower to cure long list of illness. Cold water increases our metabolic rate and makes our system to work better. Moreover cold water helps us to stay slim and it has some beauty benefits too. So read on to know more about the benefits of cold shower.

Cold shower to strengthens immunity

The most important benefit of cold shower is that they strengthen our immunity. Researchers believe that cold shower results in an increase of our metabolic speed rate. This happens because of our body’s attempt to warm itself up during cold shower. Increased metabolic rate activates our body’s immune system and releases more white blood cells. These white blood cells have disease fighting abilities. So people who take cold shower regularly are less affected by cold, flu and even some type of cancer can also be avoided.

Cold shower for healthy skin and hair

Hot water dries out our skin and hair. But cold water makes our skin healthy by tightening our skin pores and preventing them from getting clogged, which results in less acne and blemishes. Cold shower is also beneficial for hair as it seals the cuticles and makes hair stronger and smoother. Stronger hair naturally results in less hair fall. Furthermore, cold shower contributes in de-toxification which results in clear skin and great hair.

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Cold shower promotes weight loss

There are two types of fat in our body – white fat and brown fat. When we consume more calories and don’t burn those calories, they are stored as white fat that accumulates at places like our lower back, thigh, waist etc. Brown fat is actually responsible for burning the calories. Cold shower stimulates the production of brown fat. When brown fat is activated, it burns calories to keep us warm which in turn results in weight loss.

Benefits of Cold Shower

Cold shower to relieve depression

Cold shower is helpful to prevent depression. Researchers have found that cold shower has great stimulating effect on our brain especially the ‘blue spot’.  This blue spot is the main source of ‘noradrenalin’. Cold shower can activate ‘noradrenalin’, which is a chemical that helps to keep away depression.

Cold shower improves blood circulation

When our body is exposed to cold, it’s the natural tendency of blood that it rapidly circulates to the vital organs of our body to keep them warm. This results in increasing blood circulation. Good blood circulation is vital for our overall health. Good blood circulation helps to keep our systems healthy and thus make us feel and look better.

Cold shower to boost our energy

We all feel lazy to wake up in the morning. And cold shower helps us here too. Actually there is nothing like cold shower to wake us up. Our body tries to warm us up when cold water pours over us and as a result our overall oxygen intake increases. Our heart rate also increases and results in rush of blood throughout our body which instantly energizes us.

Hot shower is undoubtedly one of the best things of the world. But now that you know the benefits of cold shower, don’t forget to include it in your daily health and beauty regimen. Brave the cold and reap the benefits.

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  1. i love taking cold showers 🙂 but now I know its benefits too.

  2. I know there may be benefits to a cold shower but I do love extra hot showers… I’ll have to try one in the summer and see how it feels… xox

  3. I am very fond of cold showers…nvr know abt its benefits

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