Beginner Eye Makeup Basics Tutorial

Beginner Eye Makeup Basics Tutorial is post for girls who just started doing eye makeup. Eye makeup is the cult favorite of every female entity. In fact women are so enthusiastic about drawing attention to the eyes that even toddlers are made to apply homemade kohl by their mothers. Once a girl reaches adolescence she becomes conscious about her looks and that’s when she starts her journey with makeup. The sequence is mostly a plain kajal pencil then liquid liner and then shadows or mascara. After all eye makeup can turn a plain Jane into an attractive creature. It adds whole lot of definition to the eyes of a woman. If you are a grown up and still doubtful about this makeup process then go ahead, I am sure this beginner’s guide will help you.

Beginner Eye Makeup Basics Tutorial

In order to begin this fun ride of eye makeup one needs the following:-

  • A basic kajal pencil. It should be smudge proof and water proof
  • Liquid Liner preferably black or brown or Gel liner or pen liner
  • A concealer or a bb stick or make up stick (preferably of matte finish)
  • A good mascara
  • A primer
  • A multi shadow palette plus shadow applicator (optional)
  • Colored kajal pencils (optional)- but preferably brown or grey
  • A smudge brush
  • Eye lash curler (optional)
  • Good eye makeup remover

How to do Beginner Eye Makeup

  • Before starting one should clean all traces of makeup that might have stayed behind since the day before with baby wipes or any oil.
  • For the base of eye makeup a primer is must because the silicones present in it hold the products much longer.
  • Puff some translucent powder or simply your compact on the whole eye area and blend it well.
  • Using a shadow applicator brush or simply fingers apply a base for eye shadow. Take colors which are earthy or neutral like the pastel shades.
  • Next apply any colored shadow as per your choice and blend it properly with an eye shadow applicator.
  • Now start lining your eyes with a kajal or liquid liner. Start from the middle and stretch the line outwards. Next join it with another line towards the inner corner of the eye.
  • If you fond the above difficult then just line your lids from the outer corner to the inner corner very slowly.
  • Line the place under the lashes for a fuller lash look
  • Use pencil kohl to line the lower lashes. If you have small eyes then draw the liner on the lower lash only till the mid-point and use a smudge brush to stretch the line till the inner corner.
  • If you have watery eyes then you can skip lining the inner lash line.
  • The next best thing after a liner is an eye lash curler; it opens up your eyes and actually creates the illusion of bigger eyes.
  • Finally comes the mascara to seal in that opened up eyes and volume of lashes look. Start with the upper lashes and while applying start from the root of the hair and in a slight vibrating manner coat the full lash. Do it twice at least if you are not using usually a volume claiming mascara.

Beginner Eye Makeup Basics Tutorial

Beginner Eye Makeup Basics Tutorial

Beginner Eye Makeup Tips 

  • Start your eye liner journey with an eye sketch pen liner. Once you gain practice then you can switch over to liquid liners as they have a darker color pay off.
  • Black liners add a bold look while brown or grey liners create a soft look.
  • Instead of eye shadows one can use colored liners in blue, green or purple etc to add fun to the eyes. Try and keep the rest of the face neutral.
  • Even when wearing colored eyeliner, line your upper lash line with a thin stroke of black kajal to make the look prominent.
  • If your kajal does not stay in place for long then apply it over a layer of liquid liner to make it survive longer.
  • Keep your brows trimmed and if required then fill them slightly with an eye brow pencil but do not go overboard.
  • Never share your eye makeup whether it’s the liner or mascara, it can be dangerous actually.
  • Contact wearers should double check before buying eye makeup whether the products are opthalmologically tested or not.
  • Wear the contacts before starting eye makeup and remove contacts before removing eye makeup every time.
  • In case one is allergic to silicones then an alternative is to apply a good eye cream every night before hitting the bed. If you have oily lids then apply a gel based eye cream while dry skinned beauties should apply a nice heavy eye nourishing cream.
  • While cleansing in the morning wash off the excess with your regular cleanser. This kind of everyday care will keep the under eye skin nourished so that one can directly start with some face powder as an alternative of a primer.
  • If your mascara dries up before time hold a hair dryer over it for a few minutes. The product will melt.
  • Discard your eye makeup in 3 months of opening seal. To make this budget friendly do not buy too much stock of eye makeup at one go.
  • Clean your eye makeup brushes after every use.
  • While removing makeup, clean all traces of makeup from your eyes at first. Use cotton dipped in makeup remover and place it on the lids for a few seconds. Then gently swipe it off.

That’s all for today gals! Hope you enjoyed reading it. Do let us know after trying out the tutorial and the tips. Till then goodbye 🙂

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