Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush

Most people start their day with this tool, which is a toothbrush. While we change toothbrush every month, the discarded one is thrown into the bin in no time. However an old toothbrush has a lot more to offer than just cleansing our teeth. This can be called another way of utilizing the price paid for a toothbrush. We happen to buy many unnecessary things like thin combs to tame the frizzy hair to a different comb for backcombing to expensive manicure and pedicure tools and what not. Besides cluttering our home, such stuffs also drains out our hard earned money while the same things can also be done using a simple toothbrush. Check out some of the Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush below.

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Tame Flyaway Hair

There are various ways of taming those annoying frizzy hair but an old toothbrush is definitely the most inexpensive one. Simply spray a little hair spray on the bristles of your old toothbrush and immediately use it to brush your fly away hair. If possible using an anti frizz spray to get the best results.

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Dye Hair

Every time I want to dye my hair, the hair brush goes missing making it difficult to dye my hair properly. Use an old toothbrush to color those difficult areas like side of the face if not the full head as the latter would be time consuming. Especially if someone wants a special brush for coloring hair in highlights then toothbrush is the best choice for them.

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Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Clean Nails

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush 2

While doing manicures at times it is really difficult to extract the dirt out of the nails. A baby toothbrush which has soft bristles can clean the nail, get rid of the impurities and help us maintain our hygiene. Even if a proper manicure looks time consuming then simply place a baby toothbrush and a hand cleanser on the wash basin and reach out for it at least once a day to get rid of the dirt of the nails.

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Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Tidy those Heels

Dirt filled in between the cracks of the heels is a big turn off. While some women who are already suffering from severe crack heel problems, using a feet scrubber can get too harsh on their skin. Thus a baby tooth brush or an old toothbrush can be used to gently swipe out the dirt before proceeding to apply any crack heel emollient.

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Scrub Lips

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush 1

This is the most common use of an old toothbrush in the beauty regime of a person. One simply needs to use it along any lip scrub to get rid of dead skin on the lips instantly. I use it along with fine sugar and baby oil which is a homemade lip scrub to and apply it using a baby toothbrush. The soft bristles gently clear the delicate lips of any leftover makeup and dead skin to unleash the pink and soft skin of the lips.

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Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Clean Blackheads

A personal favorite as blackheads are difficult to hide so deep cleansing is a must to get rid of blackheads. Use a baby toothbrush to apply your blackhead removing product on the areas you have maximum blackheads or whiteheads. This process is much more efficient than scrubbing with just fingers.

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Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Brush Eyebrows

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush 3

Eyebrows are an important part of our look but at the same time the most ignored part of our face. Except tweezing, we hardly do anything to the brows to enhance our look. Using an old toothbrush to brush eye brows before shaping them is an excellent way of saving money on eye brow brushes. Similarly one can use a tooth brush to separate the lashes before applying mascara.

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Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Backcomb Hair

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush 4

Back combing and teasing hair is a common technique of adding body to flat hair. Using a comb one can backcomb hair before using a volumizing product and blow drying. Toothbrush teases hair very minutely with its dense bristles and helps to achieve full bodied hair in no time.

Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Apply Dry Shampoo

Most people complain about dry shampoos creating product buildup on several spots on the scalp. This white residue does not even budge easily, so why not apply the dry shampoo and instantly spread it using a toothbrush. This will definitely not let the product accumulate at one place. This trick can also be done using along a baby powder to get rid of greasy hair.

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Beauty Uses of a Toothbrush to Clean Combs

Clean combs are of utmost importance to maintain the hygiene of the scalp. Dirt accumulated in the combs lead to dandruff, lice and other fungal infections. Thus using a toothbrush one can easily get rid of the dirt stuck in between the bristles and tidy the hair combs all the time.

That’s all ladies! In what ways do you use your old toothbrush in your beauty regime? Do enlighten us with more ideas by dropping in your comments. Hope you liked reading my post. Thank you 🙂

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