Beauty Tips while Air Travel

On your last tour, what did you experience, what places did you see, all these things you have remembered completely. But did you remember that how did you look while your last air travelling. While travelling, we all are busy in packing and shopping and on the departure day we want to look very normal. It just happens because our parents always teach us that look normal and comfortable in your any journey. But the time is changed now; you all should look perfect at any place. So today I have thought of sharing some Beauty Tips while Air Travel.

Beauty Tips While Air Travel

In a journey, being comfortable is very necessary and you should not look a band box to others. So always do light makeup while air travelling. Many people have a misconception that makeup is all about lots of mousse, powder, dark lipsticks and mascaras but I want to clear that makeup is not surrounding in all these things but it is above than it. Makeup is a process which makes your skin moisturized and perfect. Here are some tips which make you look perfect and comfortable also in your air travelling. So check out my post on Beauty Tips while Air Travel below.

Hair Beauty Tips while Air Travel

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You should always use a scarf or cotton cloth or stole to tie up your hair. It keeps your hair smooth and silky from the dryness of the board. You should also have nourishing hair cream; it makes your hair stable and works like conditioner. You can also make a high ponytail in short journeys.

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Skin Beauty Tips while Air Travel

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You should always keep a moisturizer because it provides oxygen which lacks in plane. If you have a window corner seat, you should keep cocoa butter cream. It nourishes your skin and helps to make your skin beautiful. You might keep a pan stick, so you can apply it on your spots or patchy skin. You should keep a packet of wipes which provides freshness to your skin

Eyes Beauty Tips while Air Travel 

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You can keep a kajal or cake mascara which gives to your eyes a light kohl look. Don’t uses so much eye makeup it ruin your whole work. While air travelling, always remember that you are going to ready for a perfect look not a party look. Always see the airhostess they are look gorgeous without so much makeup. You can use a blue or green lakme eyeconic kajal, it all are in trend.  You can also give a curl to your eyelashes with cake mascara.

Lips Beauty Tips while Air Travel

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You can keep a matt lipstick or neon color pencils for out lining. You should never use gloss while travelling; it can make you a matter of laugh. So always remember that your lips should look perfect because it is the most important part of your looking. Always choose or lipstick on the basis of your skin tone. If you have fair skin you can use any light or matt shades. If you have a dark complexion you should choose light coffee or baby pink shades. Keep your out linings clean it makes your lips attractive.

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Cheeks Beauty Tips while Air Travel

Your cheeks should look bouncy. You can make it bouncy with light colors shades. You can use nude pink or classy brown. If you don’t have the color shades you can apply your lipstick on your cheeks but only the light colors.

Perfume Beauty Tips while Air Travel

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While journey you should keep a perfume always. Without good smell your whole work will ruin, so always smell good. If you have so much sweat you should take a bath before a raveling and use germ protecting soap. It reduces your sweat. You can also apply roll on deos. Always pick light smell perfumes it make your identity classy.

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So guys, I think it is enough tips which make you beautiful, while air travelling. I hope you all keep my tips on your mind and work on it. Always keep it in your mind that so much makeup can conceal your original beauty and can make you ugly. So keep natural always because that’s your original beauty.

Have a great journey!!!!

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  1. I always make sure to hydrate my skin well and moisturized my lips while air travel.
    For hair i just go for high pony. and last not the least smell good its really important

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  3. Informative post! Light makeup always looks good and natural while travelling! 🙂

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