Beauty Secrets of Katrina Kaif

Beauty Secrets of Katrina Kaif

Here the Beauty Secrets of Katrina Kaif . Apart from being one of the most sought after actresses of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif has also been crowned as the beauty queen of the tinsel town. Be it, with makeup or without, this British-Indian Bollywood diva looks stunning in every look.

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Her smooth and glowing skin on the silver screen certainly leaves everyone mesmerised. Well, every actress has a beauty secret and so does Katrina Kaif. So, all the women out there, here are the beauty secrets of this diva which make her look drop dead gorgeous.

Katrina’s skin care routine

Well for Katrina, removing makeup before going to sleep is a routine, which she religiously follows. She says that not even a single day passes by, when she goes to bed without removing it. This keeps her skin fresh and healthy. Apricot oil is another thing, which she uses to nourish her skin well. Besides this, she is very particular about a sun block cream. She never steps out without applying a sunscreen lotion. Night cream is next thing, which she never forgets to apply.

Katrina’s makeup essentials

The diva is not much of a makeup person, so when not shooting she prefers to stay away from it. But, she does carry her bare essentials like a lip balm. Before applying makeup, she applies ice wrapped in a muslin cloth all over her face. This makes her feel fresh and gives her a glowing skin. Foundation is one product, which she avoids. She does not believe in doing heavy makeup. Instead, she pays more attention to her eyes. According to her, doing up your eyes well can make you look fresh and alive. Mascara and lip gloss are her favorite cosmetics.

Beauty Secrets of Katrina Kaif, katrina kaif, beauty secrets , makeup, diet, fitness, beauty routine

Katrina’s other secrets for younger looking skin

Katrina follows a simple diet. She starts her day with drinking four glasses of water on an empty stomach. For that smooth and glowing skin, she takes food supplements derived from Acai berry and wheatgrass powder. To increase the amount of antioxidants in her body, she relies on green tea. Antioxidants are powerful nutrients that fight the signs of ageing and keep the skin soft and young.

Her diet: Since the actress follows a macrobiotic diet, she eats fresh boiled vegetables and fruits after every two hours. She prefers brown bread to white one. Moreover, for a good digestive system, she takes fibre rich diet and avoids carbohydrates. Her diet chart includes cereals and oatmeal for breakfast, and grilled fish and brown bread with butter for lunch. Brown bread with peanut butter satisfies her evening hunger pangs. For dinner, its soup, fish, chapatti and grilled vegetables for her.

Katrina’s hair care secret

Her soft, silky and smooth hair is a result of a hair care routine, which she follows dedicatedly. Being an actress, her hair is exposed to a lot of styling and blow drying. So, to make sure that the heat applicators do not damage her lustrous locks, she uses heat protectants and hair serums. Also, she brushes her hair with a paddle brush.

Secret behind Katrina’s sexy body

The secret of her svelte and toned body is exercise. She does yoga regularly to keep her body fit. Besides this, her regime also includes iso-planks, gymming, swimming and jogging. These exercises increase her blood circulation, thereby keeping her skin healthy. Since, she has a tendency to put on muscle mass easily, Katrina does not work out in the gym regularly. Instead, she attends Kathak classes. She believes that when a person is calm from within, the smile comes naturally on the face. She also advocates that healthy mind and healthy diet are mandatory, if a person wants to look beautiful.

Now that we have revealed the beauty secrets of Bollywood’s ‘Barbie Doll’, wait no more and follow them to get a beautiful and radiant skin like her.

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