Beauty Secrets of Ice

Hi friends…. today I am sharing beauty secrets of ice…wondering how ice secrets of beauty…don’t wonder just take look. There are a whole lot alternative uses for ice that one can explore. Some of the unusual and surprising uses for ice cubes.



  • Applying  ice cubes straight to your skin can cause delicate capillaries under your skin to break so wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth and then apply them to your skin.
  • When using ice cubes, don’t use more than two. Excessive use may lead to skin problems that can worsen your situation.

Makeup rescue: If you are going out and you don’t have time to put on makeup then ice can be your ‘saving grace’. Ice gives your skin a fresh dewy feel that would make your skin look radiant even without any makeup on. Apply an ice cube, wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue, before you put on your makeup, to your it last longer.

Get rid of tan: Ice provide a very cooling and soothing feeling when applied on skin. Ice helps in cooling off sunburn, all you have to do is apply some cubes on the affected area. This is an effective home remedy to get rid of the tanning.

Painless plucking: Practically, all women go through the periodic painful procedure of having their eyebrows plucked. Rubbing an ice cube across the eyebrow line makes the region temporarily numb, thus reducing the agony of plucking. Repeat the procedure after plucking eyebrows as it helps in preventing redness.

Take care of acne: Applying ice on the acne not only has a soothing effect on skin but also helps to close swollen pores and prevent bacteria from entering your skin. Take ice in a washed cloth and rub it over scars for 10 minutes every day, this will help tighten pores and reduce inflammation.

Chewing gum remover: Even though one is too ashamed to admit it, but it is a very generic accident of finding a chewing gum stuck on your hair or clothes. Ice happens to be a lifesaver in such situations as it hardens the gum, which you can easily scrape off, without causing much damage to the surface.

Smoothing skin: Ice Cubes are one of the quickest ways to restore your face to a fresh and dewy look. So, in case you are ever in a hurry, make sure to just rub your face for a minute or two with ice cubes and you are ready to go!! Another added advantage is that ice cubes constrict your pores making your face look smoother.

Healthy glow: Rubbing ice cubes on the face daily improves blood circulation giving your face a healthy glow. It is believed that ice cubes prevent wrinkles and premature aging too.

Reduce oil:  Ice cubes reduces large sized pores. Besides this, it also minimizes the production of excess oil. Tie up two cubes in a soft cloth and massage on your face till it melts.

Radiant glow: There is something interesting you can do. Instead of the normal ice cubes for skin on your face, why don’t you pour fruit juice in your ice tray and let it freeze. Once it turns into cubes, rub them on your face to get the goodness of fruits. It gives you a radiant complexion.

Smooths eye: When you get tired working on your laptop or computer for hours, just place two ice cubes on your tired and worn-out eyes. It’ll soothe your tired eyes. This is one of the simplest ice beauty tips to use.

Dark circle: Dark circles are a nuisance in the life of modern women. With hours spending before the laptop and late night parties, we often wake up with ugly black patches all over our lower eyelids. Instead of placing normal cucumber slices over your eyes, try out this tip. Mix cucumber juice with the boiled rose water and freeze this mixture to keep on your under-eye circles. It will help in fading away dark circles and also reduce puffiness. Don’t forget to cool down the rose water before putting it in freezer.

Hope friends you will enjoy this ice magic… 🙂

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    Wow!! Dint know that ice has so many beauty benefits 🙂 thanx for sharing 🙂

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