Amazing Beauty secrets of Glycerin

Hello beauty girls 🙂 I hope you all are doing fine. Today, I’m going to tell you about the Beauty secrets of Glycerin. Just like aloe vera, glycerin is also very versatile and there is not even a single product which does not contain glycerin. I think this is enough to tempt you? 😉 It is a neutral sweet tasting product and gets dissolved with water easily. Its consistency is similar to oil but it’s not that oily. Every girl must have used it as a moisturizer but today I’ll tell you how you can use it in different ways. 🙂

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Moisturizer: You must have seen that your lotions contain glycerin as the main ingredient; this is because it is considered to be best moisturizer. It moisturizes skin and feet’s well and is considered ideal for people with sensitive skin. If you don’t want to apply it directly then mix it in your lotion and use it, you’ll get more soft and moisturized skin.

Makeup Remover: Tired of spending money on makeup remover? Try glycerin then, dip cotton in it and remove rub away your makeup. It actually works; I have tried it many times when my makeup remover got finished. 😛

Lip Gloss: Dab some glycerin on your lips after applying lipstick or use it alone and you’ll get a sheen look instantly. You don’t need to buy clear lips gloss from now only. 😉

Frizz control: My hairs are very dry and frizzy; I’m always looking for products that can help me. When nothing helped I tried using glycerin and the immediate results amazed me. Take 1 egg; 1 tbsp glycerin and 1 tbsp vinegar…. mix them well. Then, apply it from your roots to tip of hairs. Do this one a week and you will notice the difference yourself.

Wrinkles: Signs of aging is very common but it’s not necessary to stay with them. Yes, you can get rid of them. How? Take the help of glycerin. Yes, apply glycerin every night before sleeping and it will get absorbed onto your skin. After using it regularly you can actually feel the difference.

Treat dry hair:  Summers make our hairs dry and we buy high-end products to get rid of dryness. Even after spending huge amount of money we don’t get satisfied results. Instead of spending money take aloe vera gel, castor oil and glycerin. Mix the ingredients well and keep it in a spray bottle. Use it as hair sprintz and see the difference yourself.

Remove blackheads: Oily skin suffer from blackheads even after taking care of the skin. It can be cured with glycerin now. Mix 3 tbsp of almond powder, 2tbsp of glycerin and 1 tbsp of fuller earth (multani mitti) with rose water. Apply this paste on blackheads and wash when it gets dried, you’ll notice a soft and smooth skin after using it.

I hope this helps you. If you know any other uses of glycerin and please share them in comments. 🙂

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Mansi Chauhan is living in New Delhi with her parents and siblings. Currently she is doing Engineering but at the same time she is freelance content writer. She love writing on makeup and fashion. She is also a “yoga person” and strongly believe that people should do some kind of fitness daily. She is in the makeup and fashion field since 2 years and hope to grow more here. She would love to share her knowledge with people and would love to contribute it via her writings.

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