Beauty Secrets Of Chinese Women

It’s always great fun and exciting to reveal secrets. This is the reason why we remain glued to our TV screen when a thriller or detective movie is going on. But for us girls, nothing beats the fun of revealing beauty secrets. We constantly think about how to get flawless skin, how to make our hair more lustrous, how to look more beautiful. We always want to improve our overall appearance & our overall beauty and that’s why we are in hunt of magical beauty secrets that will give us our desired look. So let’s check out my post on beauty secrets of Chinese women.

beauty secrets of chinese womenChina is one of our closest neighbors. We often see stuffs in the market that are ‘made in China’. Well, beauty is also made in China 🙂 You must have noticed how beautiful Chinese women are. Their flawless porcelain skin, slim body, lustrous hair and their overall ageless beauty is to envy for. Isn’t it fascinating? We all secretly desire exactly the same. Since ancient times, Chinese women have been using different natural tricks to enhance their beauty. So what are the beauty secrets of Chinese women? In this post, we have shared some beauty secrets of Chinese women that you have always wanted to know. Let’s read on.

Use of Pearls as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Just like pearl is used here traditionally in jewelleries and ornaments, Chinese women use pearl and oyster shells to enhance their beauty. Usually, oyster shells and pearl are ground into powder and used as beauty enhancer. Oyster shell is rich in amino acid which rejuvenates skin. Pearl powder has great moisturizing properties. Besides, it promotes cell regeneration, smoothens skin and makes skin radiant.

Green tea as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Chinese people love consuming green tea. Green tea is not only tasty, but it has great health and beauty benefits. Green tea is rich in anti oxidants. Green tea reduces body fats and de-toxifies our body. Green tea helps to achieve glowing skin and slow down ageing process. Green tea also promotes hair growth and prevent hair fall. It also makes hair soft and lustrous. Chinese women drink lots of green tea to look forever young and slim.

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Mint leaves as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Ever wondered why Chinese women are fairer comparing to the rest of us Asians? Well, the secret lies in mint leaves. Mint leaves are easily available. Mint leaves have anti inflammatory properties and also moisturizes the skin. Chinese women use paste of mint leaves for brighter, glowing complexion.

Rice water toner as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Rice is a beauty secret in China. Chinese women use rice water to enhance their skin tone and achieve brighter complexion. In China, unpolished rice is being soaked in clean water and stirred until water becomes milky white. Then the water is collected and used as face toner. This is quite easy and cheap. This natural skin toner keeps the skin smooth, bright and moisturized.

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Camellia oil as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Camellia oil is another beauty secret of Chinese woman. Chinese women use camellia oil to reduce stretch marks. With regular use, camellia oil helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and also it is being used to treat other skin discoloration issues. Camellia oil nourishes the skin as well as promotes hair growth.

Homemade soymilk as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Homemade soymilk plays an important role in the ageless beauty of Chinese women. Soybean is rich in protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, and calcium. Soybeans moisturizes skin and detoxifies body. Researches have proved that soymilk significantly promote female physical and mental fitness and slow down skin’s ageing process.

Full body massage as beauty secrets of Chinese women 

Chinese believe in the power of reflexology. Getting a full body massage is very popular in China, because it improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body and speed up the healing process of all systems of body. All these combinedly improve the overall health.

So friends, I hope you liked my post today. Incorporate these beauty secrets in your own skin care routine and see the difference! Much love 🙂

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  3. Even I drink green tea and take fruits for oxygen content for nice skin.

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