Beauty Blender Dupes

Hey girls, how are you all doing? You must have read the previous posts about the Beauty Blender and seen many girls using this cute thing in YouTube videos. For those of you including me buying Beauty Blender is yet a wish due to it’s cost being a whooping $20, here is a post on Beauty Blender Dupes. There are many other makeup application tools that have been shaped exactly like the beauty blender. These Beauty Blender Dupes are pretty affordable when compared to the Beauty Blender.

Beauty Blender Dupes

Here is a list of properties that beauty blender is absolutely loved for :

  • It doubles up in size on getting wet and therefore gets saturated, so that it does not absorb your makeup product leading to minimal wastage.
  • It is squishy!!! So, it bounces on your skin making it easy to use on face for an even makeup application.
  • It gives a seamless and airbrush finish of base makeup.
  • It is easily washable and all the makeup products get off it’s surface quite easily.
  • Excellent user reviews

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Beauty Blender Dupes 1

Beauty Blender has undoubtedly taken makeup world by storm, but it is insanely priced and spending $20 on a makeup sponge is not everyone’s cup of tea!! Here comes the Beauty Blender Dupes handy. But do these duplicates work as good as the original beauty blender? Read on below to get to know a comprehensive comparison.

The basic method of using the Beauty Blender Dupes is the same. You need to wet, squeeze and bounce all these dupes on your skin after dipping in any complexion product, the same way you do with the original Beauty Blender.

Love And Beauty Sponge by Forever 21 as Beauty Blender Dupes

Beauty Blender Dupes 2

Forever 21 provides quirky grooming and makeup accessories. This one seems to be one of those. It is priced around $4. As per user reviews, this one is more dense and does not exactly give the bouncy effect on your skin. The finish off foundation is not as seamless as with beauty blender. It also does not move around as easily on face. It has a very artificial smell and you might end up applying a thicker layer of product. So, a disappointment.

SOHO Beauty Sponge as Beauty Blender Dupes

Beauty Blender Dupes 3

This one had better  reviews than Forever 21 sponge. The resilience is somewhere between Forever 21 and original Beauty Blender. Application is smoother and smells alright. Although, it does not get completely clean even after washing, so might look dirty after a few usages. The bounce of original Beauty Blender still missing.

REVIVE Beauty Pro Makeup Applicator as Beauty Blender Dupes

Beauty Blender Dupes 4

Priced at nearly $5, this one is the closest you can get to the original thing. On wetting, its surface does reproduce the bouncy effect of the Beauty Blender, but the core is still unyielding. It does give a nice finish but not exactly airbrush like. Easy to clean, it also doubles up in size on wetting just like original Beauty Blender while the other two do not. Still, out of the three this one can be rated as the best duplicate of the original beauty blender.

So girls, you must have already understood that the original Beauty Blender is still the number one though Revive beauty sponge is a good bargain. Hope you enjoyed reading my post 🙂 See you soon!!

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  1. Lots of dupes. Are any of these available in India?

  2. You can the forever 21.. they might have though, the quality is not that

  3. I have not used beauty blenders still and waiting to get hold of it, good to know the dupe list too

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