Beauty Benefits of Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly GermSafe

Hey friends, today I am back with all new Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly Germsafe formula and with Beauty Benefits of Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly GermSafe. This is a better version of the previous normal blue and white Vaseline petroleum jelly. The fragrance is very soothing with lime and lemony tinge in it. HUL has projected this petroleum jelly towards the masses i.e. a universal product for both adults and kinds. Especially the advertisement is targeting the kids in order to cater to the masses for winter usage. The product has impressed me a lot. The tagline says –Germs out + moisture in tells the story of guiding the dry skin against germs and smoothens the skin by moisturizing it :). HUL has put up a great advertisement of it to fight germs aggressively and locking in the moisture into the skin.
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Beauty Benefits of Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly GermSafe

Cure dry/chapped lips with Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly– Apply to lips, frequently or as many times a day. You can add on after applying lipstick because it has a glossy-effect hence a gloss can be given a miss.

Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly Cure your damage cuticles or improves the conditions of it – Apply to your cuticles about 3-4 times daily and you can rub Vaseline into your dry hands, focusing on knuckles as it’s the driest area of our body.

Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly can be used as a lip balm or lip gloss, as it is very much moisturizing – Petroleum jelly is usually very much moisturizing as they help our lips moisturized & soothed during dry seasons.

Put Vaseline in your eye lashes only during night time – It actually can helps you get Longer, fuller & thicker lashes if you apply for over 2-3 weeks continuously but please use it only during night time as you wouldn’t want your eye to be so shiny when you go out right ?

Very Dry hand & feet – Put on Vaseline over your hands & feet at night time, but use only cotton gloves & socks as only cotton, so that it would not stick to your hands / feet when you wear it over night. You can see the differences when you woke up the next morning.

Make your nail polish looks as new as you had just applied today – If your nail polish on your finger nail looks like old/non-glossy then no worries, just apply Vaseline on your finger nails & you will see the difference. But I will recommend you do it only at night time otherwise you will end up with Vaseline being rubbed everywhere.

Cure hair Split ends with Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly – Put some Vaseline on your hair ends, it can cure split ends. If you want to do it overnight, apply lesser so it would not stick or spread over your bed areas.

Make Up Remover –  Yes! It can be used as a make up remover but I won’t really recommend you to use it to remove your eye areas as it would turn out to be super glossy & slippery. No worries, it would not clog your pores.

Vaseline Healthy Skin JellyVaseline Healthy Skin Jelly can be used as Eye Brow Gel – I have always used Vaseline as an eyebrow gel and it really gives a great shine and setting to the eyebrows. Brows looks shaped up and really nice.

Forgot to bring Blusher? You can mix it with Vaseline – Mix Vaseline with a little of your lipstick & rub it over your cheeks and you are ready with the blush 🙂

You can put some Vaseline under your wrist; spray some perfume on it so it will last longer for the smell of it.
Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly can be use as a moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin – It does not clog your Pores. So no worries on that part. It is a good moisturizer for very dry areas feet, hands, elbows.

Vaseline to remove false eyelash glue from your lash line – you can apply Vaseline to your false eyelashes to remove the glue easily. From the lash line.

Vaseline as a scrub for lips –  Put Vaseline on your lips and leave it for a few minutes, then scrub your lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and it just makes them feel so silky smooth
Vaseline for making scrub – You can mix Vaseline with sea salts to create a scrub for your hands, lips etc.

Beauty Benefits of Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly GermSafe

Price : Rs. 45/- for 50ml

Ingredients : Mineral oil, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, VP/hexadecane copolymer, Neem seed oil, perfume.

Good about Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly Germsafe 

  • Very soothing lime fragrance
  • Moisture locking formula
  • With a goodness of Neem seed oil and other nice ingredients
  • Cute packaging with detailed information
  • Runs for a long time as the quantity is quite impressive
  • Contains very little amount of chemicals

Bad about Vaseline Healthy Skin Jelly Germsafe 

  • Tub packaging is somewhat unhygienic

Availability :  Easily available in medical store and cosmetic shops

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4.5/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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