Beauty Benefits of Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa oil is becoming extremely popular as an essential oil for therapy and aromatherapy. This oil is known for its skin care attributes. It is useful for stiff and sore muscles; it is also known to calm and soothe the mind and the body. It is known to be extremely invigorating and allows one to clear one’s thinking. Another name for palmarosa oil is Turkish Geranium or Indian Geranium Oil. It is extracted from Cymbopogon martini (also referred to as Cymbopogon martinii var. martinii). Palmarosa oil is known to have therapeutic attributes; it is known to be an antiviral, digestive, antiseptic, febrifuge, cytophylactic, bactericide, and also hydrating.

Beauty Benefits of Palmarosa Oil

Beauty Benefits of Palmarosa oil are:

  • Palmarosa oil is a very good moisturiser especially for the skin. It balances the hydration levels and helps to stimulate the cell regeneration. Palmarosa Oil is extremely beneficial in balancing the production of sebum which helps to keep the skin supple and elastic.
  • Palmarosa oil is extremely beneficial for those suffering from acne and dermatitis. Applying palmarosa can help in preventing scars.
  • Palmarosa Oil is extremely beneficial to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. The properties present in palmarosa oil also help in relieving minor skin infections, athlete’s foot and helping sore tired feet to relax. Thus, palmarosa oil is extremely good for the skin in addition to helping relief in nervous and stress-linked issues.
  • Palmarosa Oil is also beneficial for having a good digestive system. This oil helps to give relief during intestinal infections, digestive Antonia.
  • Palmarosa Oil is also beneficial in curing anorexia nervosa.
  • Palmarosa oil can be used either directly or in a burner as a vaporizer. As oil, palmarosa oil can be used for a blended massage or can be diluted during the bath. It is extremely beneficial to relieve exhaustion, nervousness, stress and fatigue. In vapour treatment, palmarosa oil has an uplifting impact on the mind and helps to clear confused thinking.
  • Palmarosa oil is also used widely in washes, lotions, and creams. It is beneficial to clear infections and prevent scars. It has a good moisturising impact; is hydrates the skin which helps the skin to fight wrinkles.
  • At the cellular level, Palmarosa Oil helps to form new tissue easily which helps to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin easily. The oil is also great to soothe irritated skin due to its hydrating ability. It is extremely gentle and can be used to cure several kinds of skin complaints.

Beauty Benefits of Palmarosa Oil

We can summarize the Beauty Benefits of Palmarosa Oil as under

Skin : Palmarosa Oil is a well-known ingredient to cure skin diseases. It is beneficial in hydrating the skin, balancing the sebum levels. Palmarosa Oil assists in regenerating healthy skin cells. Palmarosa Oil suits almost all skin kinds; however it is most beneficial for dry and damaged skin. It helps to fight infections in wounds and prevent scars.

Body : Palmarosa oil is a good digestive stimulant which is beneficial for people with a poor appetite. Palmarosa Oil is beneficial to cure digestive infections and extremely beneficial for people who convalescence from fever and exhaustion.

Mind : Palmarosa oil is beneficial to calm the mind. It is also beneficial when one is feeling lonely and insecure and vulnerable.

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  8. When looking for essential oils for shiny hair, look for Palmarosa oil that is moisturizing and help retain moisture in your strands to give your hair that natural sheen.

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