Beauty Benefits of Sunlight on Skin

How often have you been told to cover-up, stay indoors and away from the harmful sunlight? But how is this practical when sunlight is essential for our survival. Human beings, flora and fauna cannot survive without sunlight. We shower at least once every day and use shampoos, soaps and cream extensively to stay clean.  However, we forget that the most essential source for staying clean is sunlight. It is a known fact that hospitals use UV radiation to disinfect and sterilize their equipments. So, the UV radiation actually cleans our skin in addition to providing vitamin D and giving tan. It not only cleans our skin, but also penetrates through the skin and cleans our blood. So, it’s an important element in health. We might not need sunlight every day, but we need it at least a couple of times a week expose ourselves to sunlight. That’s the reason why clothing is considered harmful agent in terms of seeking health. Expose your skin to fresh air, sunshine and stay clean. We tend to focus more on water in our lives and forget about the essential importance of sunlight in keeping ourselves clean. You washing your clothes and drying them out in the sunlight, actually disinfects them by killing the bacteria with the help of UV radiation. So, ditch all your soaps, shampoos, creams that are toxic scrap that are keeping you dirty. So, throw away all that stuff, go natural and live healthy. Expose yourself to the warmth of the sunlight and disinfect your skin naturally. So lets know more about Beauty Benefits of Sunlight on Skin

Beauty Benefits of Sunlight on Skin

Sun exposure Important 

  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves bone health
  • improves brain function
  • eases mild depression
  • increases sleep quality
  • heals some skin disorders
  • boosts growth in children
  • enhances the immune system
  • reduces risk of certain cancers, especially breast cancer

The sun actually reduces the risk of getting several cancers. There is a myth over the years that sunlight is the main cause of skin cancer but we overlooked that for the past few decades more and more people have been using sunscreen, staying indoors. It is a proving fact skin produces vitamin D in response to sunlight which is essential for the growth and repair of the bonds that are more important for babies and kids than us. It also plays a major role in increasing your immunity. The Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) of sun stimulates the body to produce vitamin D which protects against breast cancer and diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Bone Disease, Tuberculosis, Type 1 Diabetes, IBS (Irritable Bowel Disease), Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Vitamin D oxygenates skin, lowers Blood pressure, wound and bones, help you heal faster and improve eyesight. Women who spend moderate amount of time in the sun, especially during mid day have reduced chance of getting breast cancer. Sunscreen actually causes cancer. Many sunscreens that we use today on daily have the ingredients that cause cancer. When you apply sunscreen on your skin, they are blocking the primary source of vitamin D, which is a proven cancer reducer.

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Advantages of Sunlight

  • More energy
  • Feel better
  • Get sick less
  • Stronger bones and teeth
  • Immune system
  • Richer blood
  • Healthier nerves
  • Normalizes hormones
  • Increases sex drive
  • Increases iron

Disadvantages of sunlight

  • Bones soften
  • Depression
  • Physical and mental problems

Hope Friends you find Beauty Benefits of Sunlight on Skin post useful 🙂 🙂

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  1. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D and also has the added benefit of making you feel positive. I always like to work near a window when I’m indoors and try to step out at least once a day if I can. Everything in moderation, right?

    • ya this is a good daily routine Yasmin… Try to have as much as sunlight absorb into your body. Sunlight before 10am and after 4pm is better than the mid day, since it may harm or damage your skin

  2. Yeah these days people have stopped sitting in sunlight, all the want is air condition in summers and warm blowers in winters. Lifestyle have changed so much 🙁

  3. Wow. Such an eye opener. Its so important to get exposure to sunlight

  4. Very informative article ?

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