Beauty Benefits of Rose Water for Hair

Hi beauties! Monsoon has finally started pouring. In this season, we need to take extra care of hair. So, today the topic is an interesting one – Beauty Benefits of Rose Water for Hair. We girls love roses and of course rose water for skin. But how many of you all have an idea that rose water can be used for hair as well. I have always been using rose water as a toner for years. It works like charm. Let’s take a look at the Beauty Benefits of Rose Water for Hair.
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Rose water prepared at home is very pure and has lot more benefits than the one which is commercially available. As we already know, rose water is gentle on skin and mostly used as astringent as it soothes skin. Rose water helps in building up the hair’s porosity as it matches to the pH balance of hair. It also has natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing the dandruff considerably. Read on to know more about Beauty Benefits of Rose Water for Hair.

Some of the ways that rose water can be incorporated in hair care regime are :

Shampoo with Rose Water

This is one the easiest way rose water can be used while washing hair. Most of the times, we mix shampoo with water and then apply on scalp, so that it turns mild on scalp. So, here mix shampoo with rose water before applying it on scalp. This would give a soothing effect to the scalp. Also, the harsh chemicals of shampoo are turned mild. The ratio can be 1:1 that is one tablespoon of shampoo with one tablespoon of rose water.

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After Shampoo Rinse with Rose Water

After shampoo, you can skip your conditioner, and just mix one tablespoon of rose water in one cup water and rinse your hair. This will not only soften hair but also will give a mild rose scent to the hair.

DIY Mask with Rose Water

This is a homemade mask which can be applied to hair 20 minutes before having bath. Take 1 cup rose water, add a capsule of vitamin E, and add jojoba oil (coconut oil or even olive oil) can be added. Mix well and apply to scalp. Shampoo hair after 20 minutes. This will make hair shinier, softer and lustrous.

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DIY Anti-Dandruff Treatment with Rose Water

Add one tablespoon of rosewater with one tablespoon methi seeds powder. Mix well and apply on scalp. Keep for atleast 30 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo. This is one of the most effective treatment for dandruff. The proportion can be increased as per the length of the hair.

Scalp Care with Rose Water

We have been using this treatment for years as toner for skin. Glycerin when mixed with rose water can be used on skin as toner and even as treatment for acne. Same mixture can be applied using cotton to the scalp to nourish the scalp and stop itching.

Hair Oil with Rose water

Simply apply rose water to the hair roots using cotton or finger tips. Leave it for one hour and then wash it off with shampoo. This would induce hair growth.

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DIY Shampoo with Rose Water

Take 3 eggs and beat well. Add ¼ cup rum, ¼ rose water, and vinegar. Mix well. Apply this mixture from roots to ends. Wash it off after 5 min. This shampoo is especially for oily hair. It helps in stripping off excess oil from hair while keeping the natural oils.

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  3. Very simple and nice DIYs….I will definitely incorporate rose water in my beauty regime ?

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