Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for Skin and Face

Red wine is a variety of  wine that as suggested by it’s name, is deep Red to Amber in colour. It is made by carrying out the fermentation of the varieties of grapes that are deep Red, deep Purple and Blue in color. During the process of fermentation, the skin of these grapes is kept in contact to the grape juice allowing the Wine to derive it’s rich color.

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for skin and face

Red wine is believed to be a healthy drink that is also put to use to prevent many health problems. There are over 50 different varieties of the Red wine that are available in market. Some of the most popular and delicious types of Red wine available in market are: Cherry, Plum, Boysenberry, Raisin, Coffee and Violet wine. Apart from being beneficial to health, Red Wine is supposed to be beneficial to your skin in more ways than one. Read on below to know the Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for Skin and Face.

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for Skin and Face – Red Wine Facial

New trends in beauty keep emerging and dying. Some of the latest trends in Beauty are botox, slime facials, poop facials and wine facials. While slime and bird poop facials sounds yuk to me, wine facial is something that sounds pretty interesting. It is believed to help you get rid of blemishes and removal of tanning. Red wine has strong anti ageing properties due to the presence of antioxidants that combat the free radicals produced in skin by various biochemical reactions of your body.

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for skin and face, red wine facial

Red Wine facial is carried out after cleansing your face with a mild cleansing milk to remove dirt. This is followed by steaming the face which allows your skin’s pores to open up allowing the goodness of Red Wine to penetrate into deeper layers of skin. Red Wine is infused with therapeutic, skin friendly herbs like Rose hips, Rosemary etc. Extracts from certain vitamin C and antioxidant rich  fruits like berries, grapes etc can also be added. Lastly, your therapist might also opt certain essential oils like Lavender, Tea tree etc as per your skin’s specific requirements. This concoction is then massaged into your skin lavishly. Thereafter, the face is rinsed with cold water to close the pores.

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Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for Skin and Face – Anti ageing

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for skin and face, pouring red wine

Red wines are great for skin as they are powerhouses of  antioxidants like bioflavonoids, polyphenols, resveratrol and tannins. The antioxidants work inside out and help in regenerating the damaged collagen tissue, helping in cell renewal that helps to restore the tone and texture of your skin. The signs of premature ageing on skin like, fine lines around mouth and eyes are delayed. There is an improvement in wrinkles and the hyperpigmentation of skin is fairly reduced, too. The amino acids present in Red Wine help to undo the damage done to your skin by sun.

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for Skin and Face – Acne Treatment

Since, Red Wine has anti inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing redness associated with acne. It’s antiseptic properties also help in decreasing the bacterial growth within the facial pores.

So girls, these are the Beauty Benefits of Red Wine for Skin and Face. Not only a healthy drink, but Red Wine has a number of qualities that prove extremely beneficial for our beauty. That’s all for now! Take care and stay gorgeous!!

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