Beauty Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Hello friends, today my post is about beauty benefits of lotus seeds. This is for all those people who look for beauty along with health benefits. We all have certain things in our household that contains immense beauty and health benefits. But most of the time we remain unaware about such benefits of our everyday household item. Lotus Seeds is one among them and is often neglected unknowingly. So, I believe you all will be glad to know all such hidden benefits of these seeds. Check out my article on Beauty Benefits of Lotus Seeds.
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beauty benefits of lotus seeds

Though, lotus seeds are very high in calories. It is observed that an ounce of lotus seeds tend to contain 95 calories. Still, these small seeds are packed with so much of benefits. Lotus seeds are traditionally known as “makhane” in Hindi in India.  These seeds are most commonly found in the dried and shelled form. As, these seeds are very beneficial for health and beauty. Hence, I would like to share with you all those Beauty Benefits of Lotus Seeds.

 Here are all the listed Benefits of Lotus Seeds ⇓

  • The major beauty benefit of lotus seeds is its anti ageing properties. It contains an enzyme which does not allow skin to age early.
  • Lotus seeds help in repairing sex glands and thus help in a healthy sexual conditions next time.
  • Lotus seeds are a very good decorative item. People across country use them to decorate their antiques.
  • They help in treating diseases related to kidney issues.
  • A good source of energy. Yes, they have the power to increase the metabolism of the body. And hence, energy levels of the body are regulated.
  • As it increases energy, it is also meant to decrease the tiredness a body undergoes. Person has lesser feeling of restlessness.
  • If you have that problem of sleeping late at nights, or have to take sleeping pills, then lotus seeds are a good solution for you. They, help you to sleep earlier and hence eliminate insomnia disease.
  • Reproductive diseases such as prostatis can also be cured by including lotus seeds in your diet.
  • Do you have to eat hajmola or any other digestive pills. Or take an appointment to doctor every other week for diarrohea? Then must eat lotus seeds deep fried every day after or before meal.
  • Blood pressure levels are also maintainable and curable with lotus seeds. If high blood pressure then it is lowered to a medium level else vice versa.
  • Lotus seeds also have the benefits of curing heart diseases. They make the blood versatile enough to travel comfortably within the blood vessels. Hence, also meant to refresh heart system.
  • Tissues present in gums for ageing are also treated with lotus seeds.

beauty benefits of lotus seeds 1

  • Lotus seeds are also good for patients with sugar. They are low in sugar. Hence a good eatable for sugar patient.
  • Patients with high cholesterol level can also munch lotus seeds. These seeds are low fat and low in cholesterol.
  • Seeds are a good source of phosphorus and manganese for people with weak bodies.
  • Lotus seeds have high anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation properties.
  • Excretion of fluid from body organs such as spleen is also meant to be cured with lotus seeds.
  • Moreover, it is also meant to release tension development, a common disease occuring in humans especially teenagers, now a days. Hence, helpful in curing hyper tension.
  • The lotus seeds have the properties of cooling and hence, is meant to cure pathogenic heat developed in body. Hence, also meant to treat summer heat syndrome.
  • Lotus seeds can also cure easily palpitations and irritability.

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Hence, these were all the best beauty, health, medicinal and nutritional benefits of lotus seeds. So, do not wait friends, start utilizing benefits of such healthy edible item: lotus seeds.

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