Beauty Benefits of Guava Leaves

Hello beautiful ladies!! These days I am trying out different face scrubs and packs especially the home made one. Yesterday night I ended up with using guava leaves in my face scrub. What? Confused guava leaves? Yes you read right, I said guava leaves. Guava is such popular fruit, but many people avoid it due to its hardness, or may be due to the seeds. Actually my friend got lots of guava for me last week, and I saw few leaves with them. I thought why not giving it a try, after all it is natural. And to my surprise, results were really amazing. So I decided to share the Beauty Benefits of Guava Leaves with you all.

Beauty Benefits of Gauava Leaves, How to Use Gauva Leaves for Skin

Without much delaying, let us have a look on various benefits of guava leaves.



When any food has goodness of vitamin C it automatically gets added in the list of beauty products. The element like guava leaves are full of vitamin C will not only help you to feel fresh and soothing, but it has got the power of removing tan, and the most stubborn dirt out of your skin. You can use it as your face wash, scrub anything you like.


Yeah!! You always look for whitening effect in your beauty product, and here you neglect this awesome ingredient lying alone in your kitchen; use it to beautify your skin. It helps you to nourish your skin as well as if used regular it can lighten your skin tone too. Use it by smashing it with yogurt or honey anything you like and just wait for a month, you will see the instant effect.

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As I said before, it has got such a power that a regular use of this can remove the most stubborn dark spot you have. Use it as a face pack for better results. It can be use to remove any kind of spots.


Make a gel of this with a help of Aloe Vera extract and use it near your eyes daily. Please do the patch tests before you start with it? It helps to soothe your eyes, not only removes dark circles but also soothes and makes your eyes stress free.

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Beauty Benefits of Guava Leaves, Amazing Benefits of Gauava Leaves for Skin


Yeah it has got anti-aging property, if used in proper manner, it can remove the different signs of aging. Not only has this you can use it to prevent the pre-matured aging too. Instead of using night cream, massage with it to protect your skin from wrinkles and maturing.


It is said that it also provides a UV protection, I don’t know if you can use it in home to protect your skin from sun, but yes you can look for this ingredient when next time you go to buy any sunscreen.

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Well do you have any reason to avoid the guava leaves”? Well I don’t think so. I think guava leaves are amazing and no other thing can substitute this ever. Overall I feel thankful to my friend that she have sent some leaves along with the fruit, otherwise I have not known the benefits of guava leaves. So, what are you waiting for? Start using guava leaves and share your feedback with us!

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