Beauty Benefits Of Ghee

Ghee is one of the staple cooking ingredients in most of Indian households. Not only for cooking, ghee is used for many rituals, prayers and various home remedies. Ghee is regarded highly in India. Ghee can be obtained when moisture is completely removed from butter and that’s why ghee is known as ‘clarified butter’ all over the world. Every nation has its own beauty secrets. Like green tea in China, Argan oil in Morocco, and in India its Ghee (and turmeric). Ghee is an excellent moisturizer for skin and and besides that, ghee has lots of other beauty benefits. Check out my post on beauty benefits of ghee.

beauty benefits of ghee

Ghee is primarily a premium quality food with lots of nutritional benefits. Ghee is used in lots of medicines too. Ghee contains Omega 3 & Omega 9 fatty acids and minerals. Ghee is also a rich source of Vitamin A, D, E, K2 and anti-oxidants. Many health conscious people believes that ghee might cause them gaining weight and stay miles away from it. But the fact is, ghee can help to reduce weight if consumed regularly in small portions. Also ghee can actually lower our unhealthy cholesterol level. Not only health benefits, ghee has so many beauty benefits too. Read on to know the beauty benefits of ghee.

Beauty benefits of ghee for skin 

Ghee to treat dry skin

Ghee is extremely good for people with dry skin. Ghee restores the moisture of the skin. Warm up 2 tbsp of ghee and apply it all over the body before taking bath. It works wonder for dry skin. This easy remedy makes skin soft. Mix ghee, honey, rose water and your choice of essential oil to make an effective homemade moisturizer and apply on daily basis for soft, smooth and moisturized skin.

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Ghee for glowing skin

Ghee purifies the skin and imparts a healthy beautiful glow. Ghee can be used to make a face pack to get glowing skin. Take some ghee and milk. To this add gram flour. Mix well. Apply this paste on the face and wait for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. This face pack will add a beautiful glow to the skin.

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Ghee to treat dark lips

In winter, more or less all of us suffer from dry, chapped lips. Apply ghee on the lips to get back your soft, smooth lips. Also, if you are suffering from dark, pigmented lips, massage your lips regularly with some ghee and it will effectively solve your dark lips issue.

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Ghee for burn wounds

Ghee has a soothing effect. So, ghee can be used to treat minor burns. Ghee helps to take off the heat from the wound and this, in turn soothes the skin and heal the burn.

Ghee for anti-aging treatment

Massage your skin with some ghee regularly to slow down aging process. Ghee is an excellent natural moisturizer that moisturizes the skin and prevents wrinkles & fine line.

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Ghee to remove dark circles

Dark circles look so ugly and they don’t go easily. Apply some ghee on your under eye dark circles every night before you go to bed. Leave overnight and wash off in the morning. Regular use of this easy remedy will help you to get rid of dark circles.

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Ghee to remove blemishes

Blemishes and scars spoil our look instantly. Here also, ghee is the solution. Apply some ghee overnight on your spots and blemishes and wash off in the morning. This will gradually lighten your scars.

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Ghee to get rid of cracked heels

Most of us have to suffer from cracked heels during winter. Its painful and looks so ugly. Apply some ghee every night on the cracks and leave it overnight. Do this regularly to get rid of cracked heels.

Beauty benefits of ghee for hair

Beauty benefits of ghee for hair 

Ghee to treat split ends

Lack of haircare, using chemical products and treatments can make our hair dry and cause split ends. Ghee is a very effective natural remedy for treating split ends. Slightly warm up 1 tsp ghee and apply to the hair ends. Wait for an hour and wash off with shampoo. Follow it up with a good conditioner. This simple treatment helps to get rid of split ends and promotes hair growth.

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Ghee to treat dry hair

If you want your hair to be visibly smooth, radiant and silky, then you should definitely try ghee. Treat your hair with this awesome deep conditioning treatment using some very simple ingredients. Mix coconut oil, olive oil and ghee and thoroughly massage your hair with this from scalp to roots. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo. This deep conditioning treatment, when done regularly, can make hair bouncy, smooth and shiny.

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Apart from making super tasty foods, ghee can help us to get beautiful skin and smooth hair. So, girls, start using ghee for your beauty concerns and reap all the benefits of this amazing household ingredient.

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  1. I am a girl who eats ghee crazily but Now i will use ghee as skin care and hair care too :)I just love ghee

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