Beauty Benefits of Dates

Hola!! Ladies, we all love to flaunt our skin, most of us crave for that natural beauty. Of course makeup will give subtle texture and will hide your beauty marks. But who will say no the natural beauty. Think about that skin which glows without any concealer. I always keep on searching and rescheduling my diet so that I can gain that natural radiance from natural ingredients. Using homemade packs and natural ingredients as a beauty product are definitely good and they work actually. But before that we need to ingest such things which helps are skin to rejuvenate naturally. It keeps us hydrated from inside. So today I am going to tell you about Beauty Benefits Of Dates. Dates yes Khajur, we all love this. It is such a kind of dry fruit which do not have any side effect, mark my words. It is full of nutrients and full of benefits not only for our health but for our skin and hair too.

Beauty Benefits of Dates

Dates are reservoir of nutrients, its sweet textures gives a ton of benefits to the diabetic patient just imagine. It has tremendous effect on our skin and hair and must include this in their daily diet. Dates are cheaper, they are not costly like the other dry fruits, and one can easily afford it. Even a single date daily can prove to be the savior for all of us. Lets us have a look over Beauty Benefits Of Dates.

Beauty Benefits Of Dates

Beauty Benefits of Dates, Benefits of Dates

  • Its free from cholesterol so any one on diet can have this, it will help you to lose weight and will make sure that retains your beauty.
  • It is rich in protein and thus provides nutrient to the roots of our hair, which in turn strengthen them.
  • It is a source of vitamin C and P which are proved be the best way to treat the elasticity of your skin. With the ages, skin starts sagging; a regular consumption of dates can avoid that sagging. Not only this but it enhances the quality of skin too due the vitamin C
  • Again the vitamin C in dates helps to avoid oxidation, which is the major cause behind ageing of your skin. Just like the oxygen corrodes iron, it corrodes are skin by giving it premature ageing signs.
  • Even the oil of the dates is extracted and they are used in medicines to cure the skin problems.
  • It is also said that if you soak the date in water for overnight you can use this water to treat the scars and marks, I don’t know up to what extent it will help you to treat your marks, but it will.
  • Vitamin B in the dates helps to remove the stretch mark, but you can’t use it by yourself, medicines and ointments are available with dates as their prime constituent to treat these marks.

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Beauty Benefits of Dates, dates

So ladies, do start using this and please make sure that you eat at least one date daily, trust me you will feel the difference in a month. So these were the Beauty Benefits Of Dates, there are many other health benefits of dates too. One must have it in their daily life, stay healthy!!

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  1. Indeed, Dates are rich in Iron, I eat at least 4 of them everyday. Happy Diwali
    Style.. A Pastiche! – Diwali OOTD

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative post, I don’t like the taste of dates! 🙁

  3. I will definitely incorporate dates in my diet ??

  4. yeah dear, please try it and tell us the effects 🙂

  5. i knew some of the benefits of dates…but not so many for sure….

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