Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Have you ever used baby powder for yourself after you have grown up? No? Why? If you think baby powder is only for babies, then you are simply underestimating its power. Baby powder is not just for babies anymore! There are a number of ways through which baby powder can be used in our daily life. And did you know that baby powder should be an important part of our dressing table? Yes, that’s true! Check out this post on Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder.

Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder 1Baby powder smells simply amazing! We love that smell of baby powder, don’t we? And this lovely smell alone can be the reason to use baby powder! But the truth is that not only for smell, baby powder has so many other uses that most of us do not know. Baby powder is such a product that comes very handy around the house and the best part is that baby powder is relatively inexpensive. It can effectively replace many costlier products on your dressing table too. So read on to know the Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder.

Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo, Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Most of us heard about using baby powder as shampoo. Just add some cocoa powder with baby powder and sprinkle it on your comb. Now run the comb through your hair to the tips. This will remove the oil and greasiness from the hair and your hair will look like freshly washed. Also the amazing smell of baby powder will make your hair smell great too.

Baby Powder to Get rid of Waxing pain

waxing, Beauty Benefits of Baby PowderWaxing is great for removing the unwanted hairs, but it leaves us with so much pain and redness on the skin. Apply just a bit of baby powder before you apply the wax to make the entire process less painful.  Baby powder will soak up the moisture and allow the wax to work better. Also it protects the skin and skin feels less pain during waxing.

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Baby Powder as Makeup

makeup, Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Before you apply mascara, dust your eye lashes with very little amount of baby powder and it will make your lashes look longer and fuller.

Baby powder can also be mixed with makeup that is a bit too dark for your skin tone. Suppose your contour powder is a shade or two too dark, so just mix some baby powder to lighten it up.

Use baby powder as primer by sweeping a thin layer of powder before putting any makeup. To set your makeup, take a larger brush and just apply a tiny bit of baby powder.

Seal your lipstick with baby powder. Once you are done applying your lip color, hold a tissue paper or blotting paper up against your lips and dab some baby powder on it. This will give your lips a nice matte finish and also make your lipstick last long.

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Baby Powder as After Shave

shaving, Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

If you experience razor burn, then just sprinkle some baby powder on your freshly shaven area and rub it in a bit. Baby powder has natural cooling properties that will effectively eliminate the irritation of the skin and you will feel silky smooth skin.

Baby Powder as Deodorant

deodorant, Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Getting ready to go out and all of a sudden you discover that you have run out of your deodorant. What to do? Simple, just sprinkle some baby powder into the palms and rub it into the underarms. The amazing smell of baby powder will immediately eliminate the sweaty odour and its moisture absorbing quality will keep you dry and fresh all day long.

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Baby Powder to Sooth Dry Skin

dry skin, Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Baby powder works as a good moisturizer to help sooth dry skin. Apply some baby powder on the rough patches of your elbow, feet and other areas and rub it. Though baby powder soaks up moisture, but on its own baby powder is great to make your skin feel smoother and less irritated.

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Baby Powder to Detangle Jewelries

tangled jewelry, Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

How irritated does it feel when we find out our favorite necklace or other jewelries getting tangled and it just takes us forever to detangle them! Next time when you face such situation, just sprinkle some baby powder on them making sure that it reaches every little crooks. Then gently rub them between your fingers and thumb and see how easily they get detangled.

So girls, next time when you go shopping, don’t forget to grab a baby powder. It has some pretty awesome uses and it also saves you some money and time for sure!!

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