Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil can be found from the nut of the Argan tree, which can only be found in Morocco. These argan trees are found in a limited area, so argan oil itself is quite rare as well as expensive. Argan oil is basically a honey flavored substance with hazelnut flavor. Argan oil is often referred as liquid gold for it’s amazing results on dehydrated skin and damaged hair. For centuries, argan oil has been used in morocco for whole body nourishment. It can be used for face, dry feet and split ends. Lots of celebrities these days use Argan oil religiously to maintain their skin and hair. So let’s check out my post on beauty benefits of Argan oil.
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beauty benefits of argan oil

Though only found in Morocco, bur the use of Argan oil is just not isolated to Morocco anymore. People throughout the world have taken advantage of this ‘liquid gold’ to treat skin issues and hair concerns. Argan oil is a great natural moisturizer for skin and hair. Argan oil is super rich in Vitamin A and E. Also argan oil contains lots of fatty acids and anti oxidants. All these ingredients help to soothe irritated and damaged skin and moisturize it. Argan oil contains Vitamin E, which is very essential for healthy hair and skin. Many cosmetic companies these days are including argan oil in their high end skin and hair care products. So read on to know more about the beauty benefits of Argan oil.

Beauty Benefits of Argan oil for Skin 

Argan oil as skin moisturizer

Argan oil is an extremely good skin moisturizer. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which is like a natural boost for the skin to make skin softer and hydrated. Argan oil is totally non greasy and gets absorbed quickly and that’s why it makes a great natural moisturizer for skin. Argan oil can be used all over the body including face and neck.

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Argan oil for anti aging

Not only Argan oil is an effective skin moisturizer, but it can also give a youthful glow to the skin. Argan oil is loaded with anti-oxidants which help to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and maintain the firmness of skin as well as make skin plump and soft. Apply a few drops of argan oil on face and neck before going to bed at night and leave it like this. Argan oil will heal and repair the damaged skin cells and moisturize them overnight.

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Argan oil for acne

Loaded with vitamin E and anti-oxidants, Argan oil is also a good cure for acne. Argan oil helps to reduce the inflammation caused by acne. It also helps to get rid of the acne scars. Just dab some argan oil on the acne after cleansing your face and rub gently. Repeat twice a day.

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Argan oil for sensitive skin care

Sensitive skin requires extra care and argan oil does the job brilliantly. Just massage your face with a few drops of argan oil before hitting bed. Argan oil will naturally moisturize and nourish your skin from within.

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Argan oil to cure stretch marks

For the pregnant ladies, stretch mark is a serious issue. But now you can put an end tp your stretch mark worries with argan oil. Rub a few drops of argan oil on stomach, breast, bottom and thighs to reduce the chances of appearing stretch marks. Argan oil contains vitamin E which helps to maintain skin elasticity.

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Argan oil for skin healing

Argan oil contains anti oxidants which helps to heal skin which is irritated, damaged, cracked or burned. Argan oil reduces inflammation, soothes pain and speed up the overall healing process. For best results, apply some argan oil on the damaged area and massage gently.

Argan oil for nails, hand and foot care

Argan oil has great skin softening properties and that’s why it is an ideal natural remedy for dry hands, brittle nails and cracked foot. Massage a few drops of argan oil on foot, hands and into the cuticles before going to bed each night. Over time, argan oil will moisturize and hydrate your hands and foot making them soft and supple and also will strengthen the nails.

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Argan oil for lips

Argan oil is an excellent natural remedy for dry chapped lips especially in winter. Apply 1-2 drops of argan oil on the lips as a lip balm and wipe off the excess oil. This will make lips plump, soft and moisturized.

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Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair 

Argan oil to cure split ends

If you are suffering from split ends, then argan oil is your ideal solution. Massage your hair with argan oil before washing the hair with shampoo. Argan oil nourishes the hair and makes hair healthy and reduces the occurance of split ends. As a result hair grows stronger and thicker.

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Argan oil for shiny hair

Massage your hair thoroughly with argan oil and wait for an hour before rinsing it out with shampoo. Argan oil is packed with various vitamins and anti oxidants that strengthens the hair and repair the damages as well as restore its natural shine and softness.

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Argan oil to control frizz

Argan oil is loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids and acts as a perfect solution for frizzy hair. Just apply it like a serum or leave-on conditioner on clean wet hair.

Argan oil to control dandruff

Massage your scalp gently and thoroughly with argan oil and follow it up with hot towel treatment. This is pretty effective in reducing dandruff and promoting healthy hair.

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Argan oil as a styling agent

Substitute your chemical based heat protectors with argan oil. Just apply a few drops of argan oil on the hair before straightening or blow drying to ensure your hair is safe from the heat damage.

Argan oil is a very valuable gift from mother nature. Because of it’s rare availability, it is quite expensive. But the good news is that you only require a drop or two to nourish your skin and hair for the entire day. Have you used Argan oil ever? Don’t forget to share your experience below 🙂

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