Beaute Paris Product Launch on HomeShop18 TV Channel

Home Shop18 TV Channel is launching new makeup Brand, Beaute Paris. Beaute Paris is a new brand, it not available in Indian market. It is being exclusively being launched on home shop18 TV channel on 11th April 2014. so girls don’t miss a chance to buy Beaute Paris Product Launch on HomeShop18 TV Channel. let me tell you detail of this product, brand and Home Shop18 TV Channel. I am sure you will love to know about this product and will surely not miss chance to buy on Home Shop18 TV Channel.

Beaute Paris Product Launch by HomeShop18

Launch Time on Home Shop18 TV Channel

11th April , 1 to 1.45 PM

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Product Code – 31638141

  • Exclusive launch in India through homehsop18
  • French Brand exclusive launch
  • Economical price – value deal

beaute Paris launch on homeshop18

About Home Shop18 TV Channel

Home Shop18 TV Channel is India’s first 24-hour Home shopping TV channel , where anchors performed live demonstration of products on sale.

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About Beaute Paris

Inspired by the chic streets of Paris, the city of amour, we give you, Beaute Paris, the chic new brand  that offers innovative colour cosmetics to the Indian woman. Unveiling a brand that has been created in the ateliers of Paris, and has been specially designed to offer a chic style sensibility, Beaute Paris promises to change the way, Indian women buy and use colour cosmetics.  Paris is known the world over as the capital of fashion and style, and it is no surprise that it offers the most aspirational and trendy looks in fashion and beauty to the rest of the world. Beaute Paris is a unique colour cosmetics brand created by French make-up artist and has been specially formulated to suit the needs of the modern Indian woman, while retaining it’s international glamour and charm.

Beaute Paris is going to be launched for the very first time in India on the Homeshop 18 network. This new brand is a leader in style, and brings together the famous French sense of fashion to each and every product in the collection. Beaute Paris brand has origins in France, and brings with it, the sophisticated and global fashion sensibility that has made Paris a world city. Paris has been made famous for its style, its sophistication and its ability to make every woman feel beautiful. Beaute Paris brings alive the very French word, allure. Allure means attractive in French, and this is the unique style that makes Beaute Paris different from any other brand. The range is inspired by the global fashions, culture and art that Paris is so famous for and breathes in tres chic sensibility to its entire colour palette.

Beaute Paris, brings range of makeup artist hand-picked colours, which are vibrant and colourful as well as classical and elegant. The range is inspired by the feisty and sassy fashion sensibility of the French women, who have set the trend for fashion and style across the world. Yet, it also offers a set of products that suit the Indian woman, in terms of her style quotient and cultural affinities.. The colours, trend and presentation makes this a truly international brand, available currently only in India, on the Homeshop 18 network.


Choose from a range of lip colours and nail shades, available in kits, specially created to suit your unique style sensibility. The shades of the Beaute Paris lips and nails kits, typify the classic style that has made Parisian chic so famous. The brand offers the trusted French stamp of timeless pedigree that offers the best quality. The stamp of credibility ensures that each product from Beaute Paris is a collectible piece that will add notches to your style. The meticulous attention to detail is shown not just in the personally put together kits by makeup artist, but also in the way the packaging and presentation is done. Each product of Beaute Paris is more than a colour cosmetic, but a celebration of the beautiful and the attractive that is the essence of every woman. There is a touch of flounce and flirtatiousness that will make this your favourite brand for any glamorous occasion. Open each beautifully packaged kit of Beaute Paris, and you will find the fabulous packaging and elegance that typifies everything glamorous. The elegant black packaging brings together a kit that creates a chance for you to make over your look. The Beaute Paris kits of lip colour and nail enamel come in different colour themes to suit your mood, from the evergreen classical styles to a latest trend of vibrant shades. Create your own look, share it with friends, or keep it as the perfect trousseau or gifting option. Each lip colour and nail enamel comes in its stylish container, with a hint of mystery and sass, that will make incite curiosity among your peers. Beaute Paris promises an enticing collection that is chic, glamorous and brings out the mysterious diva in every woman. Beaute Paris offers something for everyone, and brings together the adage that for the French, every woman is beautiful. Be beautiful, be you, take a trip to Paris from the comfort of your mirror, bring home a touch of French allure with Beaute Paris.

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